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saic gm waiting engine


* SAIC GM's brand new 1.5T The four cylinder engine was actually released quite suddenly , I didn't seem to see any preheating before . I can't help being whimsical here , Because I'm afraid of hitting my own three cylinder engine face ”, To keep such a low profile ?


in any case , The displacement of this machine is 1.5L Of The eighth generation Ecotec The four cylinder engine is bound to become the mainstay of SAIC GM's new car camp . Next , Let's analyze the characteristics of the new engine 、 advantage , And hidden worries .

Actually , Contrary to many people's first impressions , SAIC GM's in-service models are not equipped with 1.5T Four cylinder machine , And this four cylinder machine is widely used .


The picture shows the Chevrolet Explorer 1.5T Four cylinder engine

This one is code-named LFV Of 1.5T The four cylinder engines are respectively mounted on Buick ankovi 、 Buick regal 、 Buick LaCrosse and Chevrolet Explorer Low power version On , The parameters are unified , Maximum horsepower 169Ps(124kW), Peak torque 250N·m.

This old engine matches 6AT The gearbox is also “ Tears of the times 了 , The tooth ratio is sparse . Considering that the displacement is only 1.5L, The power performance of the engine itself is limited , Therefore, the vehicle equipped with this powertrain will inevitably Little horse cart ” The situation of , Fuel economy is not very good .

But maybe if you don't mention it here , I believe many people have forgotten this thing , Why is this ?


The pictures are for reference only

The reason is , Perhaps it is because SAIC GM has kept the starting price of its models too low . As a medium-sized SUV, Chevrolet explorer 1.5T The terminal price of the model , It's incredibly low , So low that even consumers can't believe how this car will make money , It's just so outrageous .

But maybe SAIC GM doesn't understand , Most consumers buy SAIC GM cars , Or from the 2.0T The model takes off .

Too cheap to buy ”, This is the case .

Blindly use lower prices to attract consumers , In fact, for SAIC GM brand itself Overall image , It is also a disguised damage . therefore , Launch this new 1.5T Ecotec The mission of the four cylinder engine , Far ratio Replace three cylinder engine ” More far-reaching .

Next, let's take a look at the new SAIC GM 1.5T Ecotec Parameters of four cylinder engine .

SAIC GM claims , The maximum power rating range of the new engine is 135kW(184Ps)-155kW(211Ps), Better than the previous generation 26%; Peak torque output range 250N·m-270N·m, Better than the previous generation 8%; The fuel economy is better than that of the previous generation 6%.

You can see , Compared with the peak torque , Obviously, the horsepower of the engine itself should be increased more . How to analyze these figures , In fact, it can be seen that .


SAIC GM is brand new 1.5T Ecotec Engine external characteristic curve ( High power version )

The increase in horsepower mainly comes from the crankshaft 、 piston 、 The connecting rod and other parts have been further lightweight and strengthened , The side wall of the piston adopts a method called DLC Low resistance and wear-resistant coating . These new designs are all this 1.5T Ecotec The engine can be calibrated for greater power .

secondly , Why does the peak torque of the new engine increase little , Here I guess the following reasons :


First of all , For the engine itself Responsiveness And compromise . This new one 1.5T Ecotec The engine uses a Small inertia Turbocharger , The advantage is that the starting speed is lower , The supercharging effect comes earlier . For general road conditions , Such calibration is obviously more reasonable .


second , Here it is 1.5T Ecotec The transmission of the engine matches , We can still see, except what we often see 9AT Outside the transmission , also CVT The figure of the transmission . and CVT Due to its own characteristics , The maximum torque that can be withstood is already limited , therefore , Maximum 270N·m The peak torque is not small ( And guess CVT The gearbox should be equipped with a low-power version , That is to say 184Ps/250N·m Version of ).

Third , Even if the torque changes little , But this one 1.5T Ecotec The engine not only supports 48V Light mixed System , More support Strong mixing as well as Intermixing System , The motor itself has instantaneous Burst out the characteristics of all torque , therefore , Even a little 48V Start and stop the all-in-one machine , It can also significantly improve the dynamic response of the new engine .

Besides , We can see , all-new 1.5T Ecotec The engine not only supports plug-in hybrid (PHEV), Also support “ Strong mixing ”, Generally speaking, it means “ Don't plug in ” Of mixed action (HEV). In fact, the core difference between the two technologies is only the difference in the capacity of the power battery , One can charge , So pure electricity can drive longer ; The other mainly relies on the hybrid mode to drive the vehicle , let me put it another way , Strong hybrid models do not enjoy the preferential treatment of reduction or exemption of purchase tax .


And this one 1.5T Ecotec The engine fits well HEV as well as PHEV The significance of the assembly is actually more far-reaching . Overview of SAIC GM's HEV or PHEV models , It seems that there is only VELITE Light blue This is the only one in the series , And the popularity and sales are really average , Even online car Hailing is rare . So in the future new models , For these two forms of power , SAIC GM should also take action , You can look forward to a wave of .

The dynamic parameters of the new engine are analyzed here ,135kW(184Ps)-155kW(211Ps) Maximum power range , Even the low-power version , It is also enough to make people expect its actual loading performance . On the other hand , That is to say Electrification In terms of upgrading , This engine is also worth talking about .


First , The new engine has been used to achieve Connected to the Internet Of ECU modular , in other words , This is brand new 1.5T Ecotec The engine also supports OTA Upgraded .

In order to cooperate with the engine ECU The expansion of , Other parts of the engine should also be upgraded electrically , For example, the original mechanical water pump is upgraded to an electronic water pump ; The thermal management system is upgraded to 7 access + Double actuator motor .

Besides , In order to further improve the thermal conductivity of the engine , Realize fast heat engine , Improve the overall thermal efficiency of the engine , new 1.5T Ecotec The engine also adopts the current popular integrated engine cylinder head Exhaust manifold design , This also puts forward higher requirements for the manufacturing process of the engine .

As a deep plough in the Chinese market 20 Years of established joint ventures , The technical hard power of SAIC GM and the reliability of its products have been verified by several rounds . And for this one, which has been upgraded to the eighth generation 1.5T Ecotec For the engine , Compared with the technical part mentioned above , In fact, from the perspective of an ordinary car consumer , There are more realistic perspectives to talk about , That's it , What model will the new engine be equipped on ?


Beechville Pro The official figure

According to a source , With this new 1.5T Ecotec The first model of the engine will probably be Beechville Pro, This is very interesting .

Refer to the previous article of Mr. rut ( Portal :《 Beechville , The Apocalypse of failure 》), In fact, it has been written very clearly , The root cause of Buick Veron's failure is not the so-called watt link rear suspension , It's in 2019 In the second half of the year, the whole department replaced one Three cylinder engine , This led to the subsequent collapse .


 2020 Buick Veron

And for Buick English lang Come on , The reason is as like as two peas . Replace the three cylinder engine , Depressed for two years ; Change back to the four cylinder engine , Sales picked up immediately .

OEMs sometimes just don't understand Chinese auto consumers , I think they are too simple , And feel wronged . Universal three cylinder engine 、 Ford's three cylinder engine , Including the newly launched Nissan New Qijun three cylinder engine , It's a collection of the latest internal combustion engine technology , What balance shaft 、 Pendulum type dual mass flywheel 、 Mute the timing chain , Generator decoupling, shock absorber and other high and new technologies are basically used . But don't say it Good is not good ”, From beginning to end , As long as it is replaced with a three cylinder machine , Only the main engine factory itself is Sing a monologue ”, Consumers are basically unreasonable ; Or hold Leak collection ” State of mind , As long as you don't do big promotions , I don't even look at it .


▲  It is a new generation of Qijun equipped with three cylinder engine , Will it sell well ?

Now? , SAIC GM finally understood , It's all about Just rice ” Of , Then don't mess with yourself . Learn from the new forces , hug consumer , Stand with them , They want four cylinders , Then I'll make four cylinders . Sure enough , What technology is backward , Worse power , Chinese car consumers have proved it with their wallets in their pockets , As long as it's four cylinders , It's the hard truth .


Beechville Pro The official figure

But in the final analysis , The traditional main engine factory is not a new force , New forces can play cards without following the routine , After all, the traditional main engine factory has a longer history and deeper technical accumulation , Say something reasonable. , Even traditional OEMs have face ” Of .

therefore , Beechville Pro What kind of car will it be ? guess , The probability is that a new one 1.5T Ecotec Becquerville with a four cylinder engine , That's it .

But for Willan Pro Come on , The only question is the engine ? Obviously not .

For one station A The level car , Actually, it's new 1.5T Ecotec Engine max 184Ps The low-power version of is sufficient as a high-order power configuration of the vehicle , But GM will carry... On a compact sedan 9AT Gearbox ? Subject to body level and size , It's not very likely .

therefore , Beechville Pro High power version of ( It's actually new 1.5T Ecotec Low power tuning version of the engine ) Probably will use the cash Willan Pro Of CVT transmission —— It's a little embarrassing again .


  The Honda civic : Don't rush to spray , I have a manual gear , It depends on whether you buy

CVT and motion ”, It has always been a pair of antonyms . I believe many friends will use Honda Civic at this time CVT Gearbox to refute this sentence . But please pay attention to , Civic has manual Models of , Even if the kingpin version is still CVT It's the vast majority , But with and without , Itself is a qualitative difference , This is a consumption strategy , It's also a psychological tactic .

Besides, , Buick Willan has nothing real Racing genes ” As an endorsement ? And to the Honda Civic , But I can't finish talking all night .

Besides , For Willan Pro Come on , There is another point that cannot be ignored . In addition to the above speculation 1.5T Ecotec In addition to the high configuration model of four cylinder engine , Wei long Pro Will the three cylinder engine be retained in the low configuration model of the ?

In fact, the answer is the same as Buick yinglang , That is certain . But the problem arises again , Buick yinglang can make an attractive terminal price with a technologically backward naturally aspirated four cylinder engine , But Willan Pro Obviously, we have to continue to represent the facade of Buick compact cars , that , Willan with a new four cylinder engine Pro, How much should I sell ?

let me put it another way , If the four cylinder version of Willan Pro If your price is too high , For Buick , Wei long Pro The new generation even Lose meaning 了 .SGM, You have to think about it .


SAIC GM is brand new 1.5T Ecotec Four cylinder engine ( High power version )

Talked about SAIC GM's brand new 1.5T Ecotec Low power tuning version of four cylinder engine , Don't forget that it also has a maximum output 211 horsepower High power tuning version of .

In fact, there is no doubt about SAIC GM's hard power , But this one 1.5T The dynamic parameters of are amazing Out of line . Look at this one 1.5T Ecotec The engine , Take another look at BMW Brilliance 2.0T Turbine depressurization ”( BMW 320Li/320i The car is equipped with B48 Four cylinder turbocharged engine , The maximum horsepower is only 156Ps), It's a sky , An underground .


  BMW 3 system : Why is it my turn “ Shot in the ” 了 ?

But let's look up at the eighth generation of Buick Ecotec 2.0T Dynamic parameters of the engine , You will find that its parameters have reached 237Ps/350N·m The level of .

So , all-new 1.5T Ecotec Four cylinder engine , It can not only perfectly replace all the above mentioned at the beginning of the article LFV Of 1.5T Low power version of four cylinder engine , It can raise the power level of low-power models to a more competitive position , By the way 2.0T A high-power model , Not to let it fight a lone battle ” 了 .



Besides , Don't forget Buick ankola GX And Chevrolet chuangjie, both of which are equipped with general motors 1.3T Three cylinder engine Fellow sufferers ”, Their have one 's day ” Maybe it's coming soon , Honda's wisdom and XR-V Finally, a pair of qualified opponents will appear .

At the end

It is reported that , Not just Buick and Chevrolet , Even Cadillac, the American luxury brand of SAIC GM, will adopt this brand-new... For the first time in China 1.5T The engine , It is speculated that Cadillac will probably be carried on the transverse platform XT4 On .

Although SAIC GM did not make a large-scale build-up to the new engine , But next, the market situation of SAIC GM may be greatly reversed .

The four cylinder engine is Ought to be right ”, It's not innovation , I also hope SAIC GM can launch more competitive models in the future , Make consumers' choices more diversified .

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author : Gu Chao

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