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embedded news early bus issue

【3-5 Minutes reading 】

【ST Of CEO Jean-Marc Chery In an interview , At present, it can only meet 70% Customer needs 】

According to Reuters ,ST At present, it can only meet 70% Customer needs , With the company's investment in capacity , This proportion will rise to... Next year 85-90%.

ST CEO The shortage of chips is due to the surge in demand in various industries , Is stimulating prices .2021 year ST The average price of chips is up from a year ago 5%, And added that , expect 2021 The second half of the year and 2022 The price will be further raised in .


【 Xiaomi launches robot dog " Iron egg "】

The master controller is NVIDIA in 2019 Published in Jetson Xavier NX, Can be run for modern AI The workload provides up to 21TOPS Server level performance , And the power consumption is only 10 watts .

Jetson Xavier NX, size 70 mm x 45 mm:

specifications :

source : Xiaomi's press conference last night

【 Bluetooth specification V5.3 Release 】

The latest version has several enhancements , Including regular broadcast and synchronous transmission 、 Encryption key size control and channel classification . The latest version also integrates a new connector deconstruction function , And deleted the standby MAC and PHY (AMP) Expand . These updates have improved the reliability of many Bluetooth products 、 Power consumption and user experience .


【5G The type of equipment exceeds... For the first time 900 platform 】

GSA Has been confirmed 5G The number of equipment exceeds... For the first time 900 platform , At present for 938 platform , That's up from the last quarter 24.1%.


【 Infineon provides new products for glasses and automotive displays MEMS Scanner 】

The effect is as follows :


【 The major IC Manufacturer's reference design case 】

Thousands of complete design cases for your reference .


Mei Xin :





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