At 18:00 today, Henan traffic control 12123 resumed online service

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today henan traffic control resumed

[ Car home information ]  7 month 20 Since then , Henan Province was suddenly hit by rainstorm , Many places suffered serious floods , Affected by the flood , The traffic management information system of Henan Province was damaged by soaking in water , Suspend online service function . After timely repair , Information system servers and data are preserved , But the line was badly damaged , Cannot continue to use . After active coordination with relevant departments , The Henan Public Security Traffic Police Corps will relocate the computer room , At present, the line laying has been completed 、 Preparation for equipment relocation and system test , Will be in 8 month 11 Japan ( today )18 Henan traffic control will be restored when necessary “12123” Platform online service function , Welcome all car owners and drivers to handle various vehicle management businesses online .

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Besides , The flood also caused serious losses to people's lives and property . Take a wading car 、 Take the bubble car as an example , According to the data of Henan Insurance Industry Association , Only in Zhengzhou “ Soak in water ” The vehicle exceeds 40 Thousands of cars . The later disposal of wading vehicles has become the focus of the people “ A difficult thing ”, To make “ A difficult thing ” It's no longer difficult , With the help and guidance of the traffic control bureau of the Ministry of public security , Henan traffic police took the initiative as 、 Innovative services , Launch nine more heart warming measures . The specific content is :

One 、 Provide convenience for cancellation of registration of water soaked vehicles . For vehicles soaked in water, it is necessary to cancel registration , The business hall of the vehicle management office opens up a green channel , Set up “ Water damaged vehicles ” Special business processing window ; The mortgaged vehicle needs to be cancelled due to soaking in water , When handling the mortgage cancellation registration , The motor vehicle registration certificate is missing 、 Lost , The owner of a motor vehicle does not need to submit a motor vehicle registration certificate , When other procedures are complete , The vehicle management office shall cancel the mortgage after canceling the mortgage registration .

Two 、 Provide convenience for change registration of water soaked vehicles . For vehicles soaked in water, it is necessary to handle the change business such as engine change , Vehicle management office settings “ Water damaged vehicles ” Inspection channel and special business handling window , Motor vehicle security inspection agency “ Water damaged vehicles ” Green channel for business processing .

3、 ... and 、 Provide the convenience of registration of water soaked vehicles . Motor vehicle sales enterprises are interested in water soaked vehicles , Discount recovery 、 To old change new , Transfer is required 、 Registered , It can be set in the vehicle management “ Water damaged vehicles ” Special inspection channel ( District ) And the business window .

Four 、 It is convenient for wading vehicles to reissue number plates . Loss of vehicle wading number plate , Vehicle owners can pass through 12123 mobile phone APP and 12123 Internet public security traffic integrated management service platform ; You can also go to the vehicle management office 、 Motor vehicle registration service station and other windows , Vehicle management office 、 The motor vehicle registration service station is equipped with a green channel for vehicle wading license plate replacement and a special business handling window .

5、 ... and 、 Provide convenience for wading vehicles to use the original license plate . Yes, because the vehicle is soaked in water , Handle transfer registration 、 After cancellation of registration , Those who have used the original plate for less than one year , You can apply for the use of the original number plate .

6、 ... and 、 Provide convenience for cancellation of registration of lost vehicles . For the loss of vehicles caused by flood , The vehicle management office simplifies the procedures for canceling the registration of motor vehicles , No longer review streets 、 township 、 Certificate of vehicle loss issued by the government department above the town , The owner of the vehicle shall declare the loss of the vehicle independently .

7、 ... and 、 Provide the convenience of reissuing the motor vehicle registration certificate . The motor vehicle registration certificate is lost 、 suffer loss , Due to the flood, the vehicle is in a state of being unable to drive in the water , The motor vehicle registration certificate needs to be reissued , You can go to the vehicle management office ( Or phone ) Apply for door-to-door inspection of vehicles .

8、 ... and 、 Provide convenience for registration of second-hand car transactions in other places . The province implements non operating small enterprises 、 Registration of off-site transactions of used mini passenger cars , The buyer and the seller can choose to register in the place of motor vehicle ( Transfer out place ) Or the domicile of the current motor vehicle owner ( Transferred to ) Make a deal 、 registration , It is no longer mandatory to return to the place where the motor vehicle is registered to go through the transaction procedures , Motor vehicle archives shall be transmitted electronically online .

Nine 、 Provide convenience for handling business during non working hours . After the traffic control business returns to normal , For backlog business , The business hall of the vehicle management office does not close at noon , Work overtime , Delay the business of the day , Saturday 、 No rest on Sunday .( Source of information : Henan traffic police ; writing / Car home haohappy )

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