Foreign media: Tesla may be eligible for electric vehicle charging funds under the bipartisan infrastructure bill

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【TechWeb】8 month 11 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Tuesday local time , The bipartisan infrastructure bill was passed , Tesla may be eligible for the construction of electric vehicle charging stations in the bill 75 US $100 million .


before , A bipartisan infrastructure bill in the Senate , This includes appropriations 75 $billion to build electric vehicle charging stations , About half of the original proposal of the Biden Administration .

before , In this year 4 At the beginning of , Foreign media reported that , The Biden administration plans to spend 150 $100 million new 50 10000 electric vehicle charging piles .

at present , Tesla is taking steps , Make it eligible for the construction of electric vehicle charging stations in the bipartisan infrastructure bill 75 US $100 million .

Foreign media reported that , Once Tesla's super charging network is opened to non Tesla cars , The company may be eligible to apply for electric vehicle infrastructure funds under the act .

Tesla does not rely on third-party charging networks like most other carmakers , Instead, we develop our own charging network from scratch . at present , The company's super charging network is the most extensive fast charging network for electric vehicles in the world , Is one of its most important advantages .

This year, 7 month 20 Japan , tesla CEO Elon · Musk confirmed , Tesla plans to open its super charging network to other electric vehicles later this year .( Little fox )