Honda is cruel, even the Savior has stopped production!

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honda cruel savior stopped production
Honda eventually stopped the production of the Savior .

writing : Lu Weijia

And popularize a cold knowledge , Today's booming Honda is in 30 A year ago, Japan's bubble economy collapsed , The national economy is on the verge of death .

Although Honda was F1 Famous on the field , However, there is no model that can resist the economic depression on the mass production vehicle product line , Later, thanks to the cut of the fourth president F1 The decision of the event , Honda shifted its focus to the mass production vehicle product line , follow RV The upsurge of recreational vehicles launched new products .
and RV The rise of the RV boom , Because in the economic depression , For families who can only afford one car , High fuel economy 、 More functional and more seats RV Recreational vehicles have become their first choice . After all, I have no money in my pocket , No one “ Play with the car ” 了 , Therefore, Japanese local car companies have to adjust the direction of car manufacturing , Cater to the economic situation of ordinary people and build more economical family cars .
Honda Odyssey was born under this background RV SUV . meanwhile , Odyssey is also Honda's first work to return to the civil car market , Once launched, it has been loved by thousands of families , The annual sales volume of the first generation models exceeded 12 Thousands of cars , It can be said that he was the Savior of Honda , Take Honda from “ Gate of hell ” Pull it back .


Die unjustly ?

But not for long , Odyssey, which has accompanied Honda through more than 20 years of trials and hardships, may be dying soon .
According to Japanese media 《Bestcar》 reports , As Honda's narrow mountain plant is about to shut down , Honda will stop production this year 3 models , It includes the family flagship car Legend、 Hydrogen electric vehicles Clarity And the Savior Odyssey . At this time , distance The Odyssey At the end of last year, it was less than a year to usher in major changes .
thus , Honda's recent production of classic models in Japan also includes Jed 、S660、 Siyu and Grace, Honda pink sighed .


But then again , Friends familiar with Odyssey can guess , The closure of the factory only accelerated the shutdown of Odyssey , This is not the most fundamental reason , And in fact The Odyssey “ die ” Get it right .
Strictly speaking , Odyssey based on accord platform , Actually 1-4 Modern models are not an authentic MPV, Not equipped with MPV Necessary side sliding door , On the functional level, it is more like a car between MPV Cross border vehicles between . As for the third 、 The fourth model , That's more like using 2+3+2 Seat layout , Coupled with the extremely low body posture , be called 7 A station wagon is not too much .


until 2013 year , The first 5 The next generation of models made a grand debut , The Odyssey really evolved into a MPV, Equipped with electric side sliding door , Used 2+2+3 Seat layout . But the embarrassment is , Incarnate as MPV The functionality of odyssey in Japan , And the positioning of the model and the family STEP WGN The models have a high degree of overlap , Odyssey narrowed the road at this time .

Besides, , The first 5 The price of the Odyssey is not cheap , The starting price is about RMB 21 Ten thousand yuan , Thousands more than Toyota ELFA . And so “ It's not cheap ” The price of , It becomes the first 5 The second stumbling block of the de Odyssey , After all, Odyssey and ELFA are not products of the same level , The former's product strength is far inferior to the latter , At about the same price , Who buys Odyssey ?

therefore , We see that once monthly sales 1 10000 Odyssey , Now monthly sales have fallen back to 1 Thousands of cars , Not enough ELFA 1/5. And stop production , For Odyssey, it's no doubt sooner or later .

Finally wait until the new

Yes, of course , Honda Odyssey is only discontinued in Japan , At present, the medium gauge version is still normally produced and sold , Consumers interested in buying odyssey in the near future don't need to be too nervous about it , What's more, the domestic model has just completed the declaration .

According to the declaration information , The domestic Odyssey continues the design of the Japanese model , Old money “ Ghost mask ” The type of China grid grid was abandoned , The new car is replaced by a flat hexagonal grille .

It is worth mentioning that , This is the first time in more than 20 years since the birth of Odyssey “ One size fits all ”, The design is more in line with the concept of protecting pedestrians in Japan . meanwhile , This design was more used in the family before SUV models , It is quite different from the arrogant style of Odyssey before , Therefore, many people call the new Odyssey “ Oder shadow ”.



motivation , The new Odyssey only offers HEV Version model , Pick up by 2.0L The engine + Oil electric hybrid system composed of motor , The comprehensive output power is 215 horsepower , Transmission side match E-CVT transmission . and 2.4L The engine +CVT Pure fuel combination , Obviously out of print .

Besides , The Allison model of Dongfeng Honda has also been updated simultaneously , The new car also follows the pace of Japanese models , The shape of the front becomes more “ Simple and honest ”, Without the spirit of cash models . The most unacceptable thing is the rear of the car , A lampshade blackened with chrome trim through the lamp , It creates a strong style of Auto Parts City modification , Greatly reduce the appearance of the whole vehicle .



What about the future ?

Although Odyssey is currently only discontinued in Japan , But in the long run , It is still worrying that domestic models have always been synchronized with Japanese models , Now Japanese models must not be discontinued , The future of domestic models is naturally uncertain .

But according to the sales performance of domestic Odyssey , At present, the monthly sales of Odyssey models can be maintained at 4000 More than , Plus sales of Allison , The comprehensive monthly sales of the two cars are approaching 1 Thousands of cars , Presumably Honda will not give up the country easily Inside MPV In the market . that , What about the next Odyssey ?


At present, there are two solutions , First, Honda continues to build new models , Odyssey will start from JDM Become a special supply in China . Second, guangben and dongben Direct introduction of American models , The future and Toyota sinena The front is just , At the same time, I believe the size is bigger 、 More comfortable American models will also be the most acceptable solution for Odyssey target consumers .

Especially when Toyota Racing is carried out in advance , Independent brand MPV There are more and more models , The position of odyssey in the domestic market will be threatened in the future . And if Honda doesn't want to give up China MPV market , The introduction of American Odyssey seems to be the most perfect solution ?

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