From RMB 126800, Ruiqi 6 urban 4WD version will be listed

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rmb ruiqi urban 4wd wd

[ Car home new ]  recently , We learned from the authorities that , Zhengzhou Nissan Ruiqi 6( Parameters | inquiry ) The urban 4WD version was officially launched , The price range of new cars is 12.68-15.68 Ten thousand yuan , Provide 2.3T Diesel and 2.4L Gasoline has two kinds of power .

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As for the existing Ruiqi 6 Supplement to the urban version , Vernon 6 The appearance of the urban 4WD version is basically the same as that of the current models , The appearance is different from the commercial version of Ruiqi 6 Pickup . The specific term , The new car is equipped with a large blackened front grille , And added the black wheel eyebrow crossover Kit , The visual effect is more exaggerated .

motivation , New cars continue to be available 2.3T diesel oil /2.4L There are two versions of gasoline , among 2.3T Maximum power of diesel engine 163 horsepower , Peak torque 380 cattle ・ rice , Transmission matching 6 Speed manual or 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox ;2.4L Maximum power of gasoline engine 158 horsepower , Peak torque 235 cattle ・ rice , matching 5 Speed manual transmission . meanwhile , The new cars on the market are equipped with four-wheel drive system with Eaton mechanical automatic differential of rear axle .( writing / Car home Ma Aijun )

 The sale 12.68 Ten thousand yuan Vernon 6 The urban 4WD version is on the market Car home
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