It's wonderful not to squeeze into the car

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wonderful squeeze car


Life and society

    bachelor life , Maybe it seems lonely , But as long as the heart is not lonely , Not desolate , If you are full of hope, you won't be lonely ? When you put two lonely souls together, you will only be more lonely .

    A person's life is a little less heart palpitation , But it is more plain and free . We don't get hysterical about making trouble with our boyfriend , Will not be sad because of misunderstanding , Don't take into account each other's feelings , Do things quietly , Most critical , We don't change ourselves for each other's preferences .

    A person's world , You are you. , All you have to do is the most special you . Life itself is plain , If a person's heart throbs every day , No one can stand it .

    A person's life is closer to the essence of life , Plain and light is true , It's simply a blessing , Life is simpler , There will be more happiness . Simple life is not monotonous , Monotonous life is not necessarily simple . When two people have been together for a long time , Everything is used to , Every day is just a mechanical repetition of the past romance , Even if it's magnificent , You will also feel monotonous . contrary , In a simple life , Learn to make a little mood by yourself , Our life is no longer monotonous .

    A person , You can watch movies , Eating popcorn , No one cares about crying or laughing . When in a good mood , Go to the court and watch a ball game , You can cheer loudly for the boys you like , take one's ease .

    A person , You are free to eat with your friends , Shopping , You don't have to divide time in half , Divide yourself in half . If a friend is of the opposite sex , You don't have to think about how to explain to your partner , You don't even have to find a reason to be smooth and magnificent .

  A person , You can drink your own green tea quietly , Quietly watching the tea from curl to stretch , The tea gradually thickens from light green , Smelling the faint fragrance of tea, you can think of anything , You can't think of anything .

    Leisure , At ease . You don't have to worry about a date this afternoon , Or what to wear on a date . Although no one gave us a habitual good night at night , But we still have ourselves , Say good night to yourself before going to bed , Then give yourself a smile , Make a perfect summary of your day , You will find the power of your smile .

  No one is talking on the phone with us , We can save time , Read a few pages of good books , Listen to some good songs , Talk gossip with your sisters , Talk about family , The key time , You will find that sisters are the most important .

    A person's sky will feel wider , A person's happiness will last longer . At this time , Your happiness is based on yourself , Happy or not , It's up to you , You won't change your mood because of another person's joys and sorrows .


    A person , You can do anything , You can say anything , At ease , Free and easy . however , Remember , If you don't smoke , Never smoke ; If you don't drink , Don't drink . We should learn to be nice to ourselves anyway , If you are not good to yourself , Who else can we count on .

  bachelor life , As long as you manage carefully , We can still live a wonderful life .

( Written on men's Day , Corresponding to March 8th women's Day )

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