Tesla: used batteries have been fully recycled and reused

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tesla used batteries fully recycled

8 month 11 Daily news : Tesla is in it 《2020 Annual impact report 》 In the said , Its scrapped batteries have been 100% recycled , No batteries were sent to the landfill . Tesla also said , The company has established an internal ecosystem , Recycle and reuse the battery .

Tesla said in the report :「 Although Tesla has been working with third-party battery recyclers for many years , To make sure our batteries don't end up in landfills , But we also understand the importance of building recycling capacity internally . On site recycling brings us one step closer to realizing the material production cycle , This will allow raw materials to be transferred directly to our nickel and cobalt suppliers . The facility broke the innovation cycle of battery recycling on a large scale , Enable Tesla to quickly improve existing designs through operational learning , And conduct process test on R & D products .」

Tesla explained that :「 As a manufacturer of our internal battery projects , We are in the best position , Can effectively recycle our products , Maximize the recycling of key battery materials . As factories in Berlin and Texas began to make batteries in-house , We expect a significant increase in global manufacturing waste . We intend to tailor recycling solutions for each location , So as to reintroduce valuable materials into our manufacturing process .」

Tesla says :「 Our goal is to develop a security system 、 High recovery 、 The cost is low 、 Recycling process with little impact on the environment . From an economic point of view , The cost of large-scale battery material recycling will be much lower than the cost of purchasing additional battery production raw materials , Therefore, we expect significant cost savings in the long term .」

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