Section 1, Section 2, section 3 and section 4 pass the formula!

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The driving test is difficult , It's hard to reach the sky ! It's easy to say , It is also easy to remember the following formula for passing subjects 1 to 4 ~

Of course, we should combine the formula and the method taught by the coach with reading and learning , With understanding, memory can get twice the result with half the effort . If you simply memorize by rote , No way ~

◆◆ Subject 1 ◆◆

Select Security , Choose politeness , Compliance is the most important .

Except for the crash brake , Steady the direction and watch the road .

Signs and markings are not difficult to remember , Identify road signs according to meaning ,

Look at the markings , Have a knack , Color should be separated from reality .

The solid line must not be crossed , The dotted line can be wrapped properly ,

Center yellow and white , Yellow line prohibition and warning .

◆◆ Two subjects ◆◆

Ramp point

Advance the right line up the slope. , It's not difficult to stop back and forth .

Slow release clutch semi linkage , Listen carefully to the sound of the car changing .

Parking 30 It is just fine , Points will be deducted for more than one point .

Stop on the side

The parking position shall be accurate , The direction and timing should be stable .

Prepare to reverse and look at the right mirror , The direction should be fast and the heart should be quiet .

Press the line to the left at all times , Turn left and turn back .

Manually shift to the first gear to lift the clutch , Neither fast nor slow .

Turn left before starting , Time limit only 90 second .

Small mistake small difference panic , Just go back to normal easily .

Back into the Treasury

The seat mirror should be adjusted properly , Try to slow down .

Tire out of warehouse right , Parallel vertical alignment of vehicle line .

Mirror line overlap right ; One third turn .

Thirty centimeters is the key , It makes sense to play far and close .

Different height, fat and thin , Look at the spot according to the situation .

See where you are. Ready , Point line in place and stop immediately .

Curve driving

Inner corner tangent line , Turn the body incoming line to the right .

Kill in the wrong direction , Try to keep the car outside .

Drive smoothly through the corner , Look at the parking space when you get out of the corner .

Turn at right angles

Turn before turning , Neglect of details shall not .

Adjust the position before entering the bend , 30 cm outside .

Fast speed, fast direction , Slow speed, slow direction .

Do not press the angle of the left mirror and the left wheel , Turn the pressure angle to the right .

◆◆ Subject 3 ◆◆

I got on and off twice , The details should be clarified .

It's four o'clock at a time , Get off after one department and three looks .

Get off and go around in reverse , Front and rear sensing points .

Report after winding , Wait for the examiner to nod his head .

Secondary boarding safety belt , Turn the light switch twice .

Light simulation is simple , Command operation 5 Seconds . 

All lights are simulated , Waiting for the voice newspaper to start .

Check before starting , When you're done, hit the fire .

Don't panic after the fire , Whistle before turning .

Step on the clutch and engage the gear , Put the handbrake at last .

After the car starts slowly , It can only be completed after starting .

Don't be nervous when you're on the road , Pay attention to braking and steering .

Don't panic when you encounter obstacles , Make sure it's safe to stop the car .

Parking is not a failure , Caution is the best policy .

Remember to turn left and right , Brake and turn to keep up .

There is a difference between overtaking and changing lanes , The operation should also be separated .

Don't deviate when driving in a straight line , Turn around and turn left for three seconds .

Slow down the rest of the project , One foot brake to see the speed .

Pull over carefully , Don't fail the last step .

First, turn right , 30 cm line pressing .

Step on the clutch before braking , Don't coast in neutral .

Pull the handbrake before returning to gear , Put the engine out and put it in neutral .

Go back and open the door , Observe carefully before getting off .

After listening to the voice report , Finally, unfasten the seat belt .

◆◆ Subject 4 ◆◆

Final pass of driving test of section 4 , Theoretical knowledge cannot be underestimated .

Know how rules to summarize , Safe driving is the first .

I was impressed by many topics , Make a clear distinction between easy and wrong questions ,

Multiple choice exercises are not easy , Review questions before choosing .

Civility and comity , No hurry, no slowness, no preemption .

Icon gesture still exists , Can be helpful .

The model to be driven shall comply with , Overload and overspeed shall not .

Slow down in case of danger , You can step on it in case of emergency .

Remember that people before things , Hemostasis is the first step .

Don't be nervous about sideslip and flat tire , Hold the direction before you move .

Don't drive the high beam easily , Remember to hit when turning 3 second .

Meeting politely is the safest , Overtaking depends on conditions .

Be careful in everything , Drive safely .

Driving test Baodian Tanabata pet powder welfare :

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—  End  —

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