Traditional car companies began to "reshuffle talents" and "fight for people", with a monthly salary of 180000 yuan

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traditional car companies began reshuffle

Reporter Huang Xinxu

Under the background of the transformation of internal combustion engine to electrification and automatic driving , The automobile talent structure is also upgraded iteratively .

recently , The Japanese Economic News reported that , Honda in order to transition to pure electric vehicles , We are promoting staff replacement , The specific measures are , Honda aims at 55 Employees over years old have recruited 2000 Several early retirees , The total number accounts for about... Of Honda's regular employees in Japan 5%. It is worth noting that , This is Honda near 10 For the first time in years, early retirees were recruited . Similarly, , Ford has also recently introduced “ Buyout Plan ”, Aimed at reducing... In the United States 1000 Jobs .


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“ Buyout Plan ” It was once a symbol of reorganization or recession of automobile enterprises . But as the automotive industry ushers in a great change that has not been seen in a century , Reduce staff to reduce costs , And invest in the future to become the common choice of automobile manufacturers . Besides , Under the tuyere of intelligent electric vehicle , More and more players are making cars , The demand for car making talents is also rising . Software 、 Algorithm 、 Intelligent cockpit and other work began to become talents of automobile enterprises “ A battle for ” Hot positions in .


Traditional talents are “ Shuffle ”

With “ New four modernizations ” Impact on the automobile industry , Traditional internal combustion engine and other related talents are facing being “ Shuffle ” The crisis of .

Take Honda as an example , This preferential system for early retirement is aimed at 55 Years of age or older 64 Employees under 12 years old , Pension increases at most 3 Annual salary . The event started this year 4 Registration starts in January , It's over now . According to Honda , About half of the applicants were dissatisfied 60 year , Some employees have gone from 7 Retire at the end of the month .

Honda expects 2021 The fiscal year ( By 2022 year 3 month ) The pension increase of tens of billions of yen will be included . Besides , Honda is 2022 The preferential treatment system for early retirement will continue to be implemented after the year , The object of solicitation is dissatisfaction 59 Year old employees .

It is worth noting that , The preferential system of early retirement is not the choice of Honda's poor management . contrary , Honda is 8 month 4 On the th, it announced an increase in 2021 The fiscal year ( By 2022 year 3 month ) Consolidated net profit ( International accounting standards ) expect , Expected year-on-year growth 2% to 6700 Billion yen , The reason for raising profit expectations is that Honda's sales in markets such as the United States have improved .


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Honda believes that “ layoffs ” It is to adjust the employee structure with a high proportion of middle-aged and elderly people , Promote the recruitment of young people , Accelerate the shift to new technologies . In this year 4 month , Honda announced 2040 Before, new car sales were limited to pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles .

in fact , Except Honda , Many car manufacturers have begun to accelerate the transformation of electric vehicles “ Talent optimization ”. Such as , Ford is 8 month 5 Said Monday , Will provide... To some salaried employees in the United States “ Buyout Plan ”, Aimed at reducing... In the United States 1000 Jobs . Ford believes that , This action is to make business people and “Ford+ Growth plan ” Match . according to the understanding of , Ford's “Ford+ Growth plan ” The core of is electrification 、 Digital interconnection and commercial models .

Besides , As early as 2019 year , Nissan has also announced that it will lay off about 1 Ten thousand people plan , And this round of layoffs will continue until 2022 year . And general motors in order to accelerate the transition to electric , I was in 2018 Annual direction 1.8 10000 employees provided “ Buyout Plan ”.

There is a view that , In the car “ New four modernizations ” Under the impact of the wave , The transformation of car enterprises to the field of electrification and automatic driving requires a lot of money , and “ Talent optimization ” The move will help reduce labor costs 、 Improve the profitability of enterprises .


“ New four modernizations ” Talent becomes “ The bestselling ”

In the past ,“ Buyout ” and “ layoffs ” It used to be a symbol of decline or poor management of auto enterprises . Now , This situation is changing .

In the implementation of employee “ Buyout Plan ” While saving costs , Car companies have also invested heavily in electrification 、 Intelligent transformation . such as , General motors this year 7 May announce the future 5 In, the investment in electric vehicles and automatic driving increased from 270 $billion added to 350 Billion dollars ; Ford announced this year 2025 In, the investment in electric vehicle R & D will reach 300 Billion dollars ; Great Wall Motors announced its future this year 5 The annual cumulative R & D investment will reach 1000 RMB 100 million .

In this context , Autopilot 、 Talents in the software field began to become the focus in the transformation process of automobile enterprises “ The bestselling ”. Liepin big data shows that , New jobs in the field of new energy vehicles increased year-on-year in the first half of this year 94.54%, The average annual salary of recruitment also ranges from 2020 Year of 17.47 Ten thousand yuan rose to 2021 First half of the year 18.96 Ten thousand yuan .


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Under the huge talent gap , Between the new forces of car making and traditional car enterprises “ Talent war ” programme , Car companies began to compete for financial resources , Open a high salary to recruit talents .

The new Xiaomi automobile has recently released a large number of relevant positions in the field of automatic driving . millet CEO Lei Jun once revealed , Xiaomi has a R & D team of more than 10000 people , It is expected to increase this year 5000 people . Lei Jun said ,“ Xiaomi doesn't need money ”.

To retain talent , Traditional car companies also act frequently . This year, 5 month , Great Wall Motors has released the largest equity incentive plan in history , The grant object accounts for... Of the total number of employees 16.89%; Ford's Blue Oval The business has been expanding its team in key areas such as software development . A Ford executive said , The company has increased by about... In the past year 600 A software designer and data scientist . SAIC's Zhiji automobile brand is also recruiting talents from the cross-border automobile industry , Expected by the end of this year , The number of people in the project will be 300 people , It will grow further next year .

meanwhile , “ High salaries ” It has also become an important feature for car enterprises to dig people .《 The daily economic news 》 Reporter from BOSS See... On the direct employment website , System basic software engineer 、 Smart cockpit 、AI Algorithm engineer 、 The chief architecture of communication network has become Xiaopeng automobile 、 Wei Lai automobile 、 Shanghai automotive industry corporation 、 Hot jobs in Chery Automobile and other enterprises . among , Weilai automobile is the chief architecture of communication network 18 Ten thousand yuan a month ; Xiaopeng automobile is the top software engineer of system foundation 5 Ten thousand yuan a month ; Chery automobile is ADAS The software development manager is the highest 7.5 Ten thousand yuan a month .


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“ This round of ‘ Rob war ’ The fuse is the rise of new forces in the second round of car building . Compared with the previous , This round spans several industries , The battle for talent is complex and multifaceted .” Zhu Mingrong, chairman of the automotive talent Professional Committee of China Talent Research Association, once said publicly ,“ Solve the problem of talent shortage , In the short term , Auto enterprises should be good at revitalizing the existing stock of talents , In order to effectively help its transformation and upgrading .”


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