Guofengmei young people set up a rollover. Huozun, you're finished

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guofengmei young people set rollover.

8 month 8 Japan , Chen lufa microblogging official declared love and @ Huo Zun , I thought they were in love and the official announced , But it's strange that Huo zunfang didn't respond for two days , until 8 month 10 Chen Lu sent a document on the 9th to describe the long road of his nine-year relationship with Huo Zun , So this is not a “ melon ”, It's a “ Balsam pear ”.

Live frugally , Buy two or three hundred clothes on Taobao , But buy the best clothes for Huo Zun , watch , Zhuo Wei took a date photo , Chen Lu thought that she could go with the flow , Huo Zun asked for mutual relations , Delete all relevant information , Don't want to break up , Planning to break up with a friend , In the rental room the woman rented him yp, When the woman confronted , Say directly to the woman “ Make an offer ”, What's more, it broke out the slag man's quotations

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