Xie Dajiao incident made me think about how to ride safer?

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xie dajiao incident think ride

Soon, a sad news suddenly appeared in the first hot search

2021 year 8 month 9 Japan , According to the cover story , Famous actors 《 Rural love 》“ Thank you ” Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident in Inner Mongolia , Years old 50.//

Her short 50 Years of life , Falling rock ups and downs , Love and righteousness , Left a lot of moving stories . Besides, she is not only a good actress , He is also a public spirited person . Just a few days ago , She also told everyone in the video , I am the public welfare image ambassador of Chifeng, Inner Mongolia , Be able to contribute to your hometown , She felt very honored . But no one thought of , Just 3 Days later , Left us forever . At that time, in this Alxa region , Yu Yuexian is shooting a new play with her team , Out of respect for the new play , So the party also came to Alxa, Inner Mongolia . This area is a typical desert area , Relatively few people live , There are few pedestrians and vehicles on the road , At night, there is a lack of light , In short, this is known by the world “ Forget “ The place of , It's really full of a lot of danger .

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