BYD responded by providing Tesla with blade batteries: "never told the media"

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byd responded providing tesla blade


author : Qiao Zhibin

Today, , BYD on recent rumors “ Will supply Tesla ‘ Blade battery ’” Issue a response , Said the company never told the media that it would supply Tesla “ Blade battery ”, Also not indicated “ Blade battery ” Will be used for Model Y.



This month, 5 Japan , It is reported that BYD will supply Tesla with blade batteries in the second quarter of next year , At present, Tesla models equipped with blade batteries have entered C Sample test stage .


meanwhile , tesla CEO Musk also said at the second quarterly meeting recently , Tesla will gradually switch to lithium iron phosphate battery in the future , In the future, two-thirds of Tesla batteries will use lithium iron phosphate , One third may use ternary batteries .

And BYD released “ Blade battery ”, It is based on LFP Technology lithium iron phosphate battery , But compared with traditional lithium iron phosphate batteries , It can have higher energy density and safety .


at present , BYD is actively expanding domestic production capacity , Among them, Fudi battery Chongqing factory is the first factory of blade battery in the world , Production capacity reaches 20GWh, The second phase plans to increase 15GWh, The total capacity is 35GWh; Changsha 、 guiyang 、 Bengbu and other blade battery factories have also been completed and put into operation . According to the previous plan , BYD 2021 By the end of the year, the total capacity of blade battery will reach 75GWh,2022 By the end of the year, the production capacity may further climb to 100GWh.



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