The Audi A6L high-pressure oil pump fails at 500km of the new car or there are batch defects

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audi a6l high-pressure high pressure




Audi owners to 《 China Auto Pictorial 》 About his A6L A series of incomprehensible things encountered by the new car ……

“ Bang !”


7 month 30 Number , On the flat road , A black Audi A6L The chassis suddenly made a loud noise , nervous C Sir, step on the brake , Think for a moment and then drive on .


Two days later , The vehicle prompts the fault again , So let's start from 2012 I've been driving Audi since A6L Of C Sir, for this 2021 The paragraph A6L 55 TFSI The flagship elegance was confused , Then to 《 China Auto Pictorial 》 Told a series of incomprehensible things ……


    It's strange that there are too many high-tech vehicles ?

“ Less than half a month after collecting the car , Driving only 500 km , Inexplicably , chassis ‘ Bang ’ A loud noise , It's like hitting a big stone , But how can there be big stones on the streets in Beijing , When the car in front passed by, it was fine ”, After quickly determining that it was not external factors ,C Sir, keep driving away .


here , A large yellow mark pops up on the display screen of the trip computer , In a flash , Then prompted a sentence , How much energy is lost .



Next day , the A6L Prompt the fault as soon as it is started , Since this car is purchased by the company , forced ,C Mr. can only entrust relevant colleague Mr. Jiang to drive the car to 4S Shop maintenance .


Arrive at the East Fifth Ring Road in Beijing 4S Behind the shop , The after-sales consultant who received him drove the car to the maintenance workshop ,J Mr. also followed into the workshop , The maintenance technician connects the low-pressure oil pipe of the car to the oil pressure gauge , What time is the data at idle speed , The technician said it was normal . During this period, according to what the technician said ,J Sir stepped on the accelerator a few times , The number fluctuates a little , But not much . Then the technician turned off the switch of the oil return pipe , The data is still unchanged .


While wondering , The technician probably sent the video to the after-sales director , The after sales director took the repair computer and connected it to the vehicle , The computer displays the pressure data in 4.5-6.5 Between , At this time, the data of the vehicle is 6.42-6.47, Near high limit , The director left without saying anything .


40 Minutes later , The after-sales consultant came and said , Vehicle monitoring completed , The fault analysis is that the fuel pump oil pressure is too high , Or the sensor is faulty , The feedback from the machine repair is if it is repaired , Or replace the fuel pump , Or replace the sensor .J Mr. said that the new car was new 500 It breaks down every kilometer , Think about it .


After an hour , Once again, the caliber of the after-sales consultant has changed , “ We checked , It's the problem with the high-pressure oil pump , Change the oil pump .” Come to the workshop again , The after sales director connects the oil gauge , What time is the idle speed , Close the oil return valve , The pressure rises to 11, It is far from the data monitored for the first time .“ We compared other cars , It's the fuel pump .” Said the after sales director .


here ,J Mr. found the pre-sales consultant again and said whether he could return or change the car .“ If it complies with the three guarantees policy , It's time to change , It's time to go back , It's time to fix , No secret , I also wanted to change this some time ago 3.0T The models ”, The pre-sales consultant said ,“ But this car has too many small problems , It's not like you , I handle a few , Recently, a car owner in Hebei also encountered this problem .” He also turned the wechat chat records to me J Sir, look .


As for the reason , The after-sales consultant said :“ This batch of 3.0T My car has a very high failure rate , It's technology upgrading , It's caused by too many high-tech things .”

    “ Component quality problems are high probability events ”

“ From my point of view , She's just trying to express , This car is not a case , There are commonalities in fuel pump failure , The engine fault light is on ”, J Sir said , It's true , The after-sales consultant also pointed to a car and told him , That car is as like as two peas. , Also said 7 month 13 Number 、7 month 25 No. 1 has received models with this problem , All of them are 3.0T Of .


The reporter is visiting C Sir, the company buys cars 4S And another Audi store 4S shop , stay C Sir, buy a car 4S shop , Another car with C Sir, the same vehicle with fuel pump problems .



At another Audi 4S Shop , A Mr. Li of the same model also told reporters , My own car has traveled about 1000 kilometers , Breaking into the car during braking 、 Engine fault light on , Mr. Li returned to buy a car 4S Store query reason , It is known that the gasoline pump occasionally has high pressure , But the fuel pump of FAW Audi is out of stock , New cars can only be sold in stores “ Lying down ”.


The 4S The after-sales of the store said :“ We recently received two vehicles with the same problem , The same problem has occurred in a single store 2 Situation of station and above .”


“ The gasoline pump broke down again , I dare not drive this car , I'm afraid the brakes won't hold and cause a traffic accident ”, Mr. Li said . A senior technician specializing in Audi said :“ The gasoline pump works in a closed and oil immersed environment for a long time , General vehicle use 5-8 There will indeed be insufficient oil supply pressure around the year , It needs to be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the engine .”

But the above Audi professional technicians also believe that , It is rare in the industry that the pressure on new cars is too high , After all, the gasoline pump is driven by an electronic pump , The fuel pressure is too high under the original calibration / Low probability , What's more, Audi is such a big manufacturer , Cause high fuel pressure , The quality problem of batch parts is a high probability event .



according to the understanding of , Audi's new cars at this stage are designed with in cylinder direct injection because of the fuel supply mode of the engine , After the gasoline pump outputs a certain fuel pressure, it will pressurize the fuel pipeline again through the high-pressure oil pump located at the upper part of the cylinder head , Thus, when the fuel injection nozzle injects fuel again , Better air-fuel ratio for cylinder , Improve efficiency and save fuel . And when the engine ECU Detect that the output fuel pressure of gasoline pump is too high ,ECU It will reduce 、 Stop the gasoline pump output for a short time , Until the fuel pressure is restored , Will return to normal operation .


“ So Mr. Li reflected that it happened when braking ‘ Break into a car ’, It is precisely because all fuel injection nozzles are closed during braking , Cause the instantaneous pressure increase of fuel pipeline , And then ‘ Break into a car ’ as well as ‘ The fault light comes on ’ The phenomenon , On the contrary, the acceleration process did not fail , Therefore, the quality problem of parts is the problem of this car .” Said the above Audi professional technician .



however , Nowadays, most Audi brand models adopt iBooster Brake system , This system replaces the original vacuum provided by the engine to realize the assistance of the braking system , Therefore, even if the gasoline pump has pressure protection , It can also provide braking assistance , It just happens in the process “ Break into a car ” And so on , It is easy to cause fear .


“ At present, it is very likely that it is the quality problem of parts batch , But this needs to be investigated by AQSIQ , If it is , It should be recalled .” An auto industry analyst said .

  Audi's service

“ What puzzles me is why the after-sales consultant of the car store repeatedly asked us to drive away , And to my disappointment , They didn't even provide a scooter , No traffic compensation is provided .”J Sir said .


During the first test, it was said that there may be a problem with the fuel pump or sensor , The after-sales consultant immediately asked him to drive the car back , Wait until the fault light comes on , Because the sensors are out of stock , Purchase may take 7 Days or so .



When J Said Mr. :“ What if there's another problem , My colleagues are afraid to drive , This is a new car ,7 month 13 The card on the No , Quality problems occurred in half a month .” after ,J Sir, I found that , The face of the acquisition consultant has obviously changed , I don't want to talk much .


I can't beat it J Mr. had to ask him to write a repair order , I didn't expect that the after-sales consultant was still unwilling to drive , In the blink of an eye , And he disappeared , Mr. Jiang looked around for an hour and couldn't find him . When it was later confirmed that it was the problem with the fuel pump , After sales consultants still let J Sir, drive away , The reason is that there is no fuel pump , Order 7-12 God .



J When Mr. asked for a repair order and a pick-up order , The after-sales consultant disappeared again , The pre-sales consultant helped find it , Finally, the after-sales consultant only issued a settlement sheet , Indicate maintenance items and prices , But I didn't give a pick-up order , Didn't even let J Sir, sign the statement .


“ It's a waste of time in the store , After sales consultants disappear frequently , It's also annoying . And as a big brand , In terms of after-sales, they don't even follow the basic process , No pick-up order , After looking at the car, I just said that the car was normal and there was no scratch .”J Sir said .


He was disappointed by more than that . When asked if a courtesy car is available , The after-sales consultant said no , There are no Audi in Beijing , When asked if there is any traffic compensation , The after sales consultant still said no .



Audi official 400 The customer service center said , Within the warranty period of household automotive products , Due to product quality problems, each repair time ( Including waiting time for spare parts to be repaired ) exceed 5 Japanese , Spare cars should be provided to consumers , Or give reasonable compensation for transportation expenses . But he said he wanted to talk to you 4S Store communication , The customer service center has no specific compensation standard . The irony is , It's still in the store “ Replace vehicle tips ” Yilabao publicity notice .


“ Now think about it , From purchase to failure , Every time I go to them 4S Shop , Didn't even pour me a glass of water .” J Said the gentleman with a sigh .


C Mr. said :“ Actually , My previous car was also Audi A6,2012 Year of A6L30FSI Deluxe edition ,2.5 Self priming engine 、CVT transmission , That car is OK , Now I feel that there are really big problems in the quality and service quality of Audi .”


notes : The pictures were taken by interviewees and reporters .



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