Maximum power 135kW BYD dolphin high performance version

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maximum power 135kw kw byd

【 News flash | The sale 12.18 Ten thousand yuan New models of Hantu are on the market 】 We learned from the authorities that , Jianghuai Hantu pickup truck is newly added 2.4T Gasoline and 2.5T Diesel version , among 2.4T There are two gasoline models , Price range: 12.18-14.18 Ten thousand yuan ;2.5T The diesel version has launched two models with a price range of 13.48-15.48 ten thousand . Besides , Choose the big double model and increase the price 2000 element ; Choose 4WD models and increase the price 13000 element ; The price of mechanical differential lock of rear axle is increased for 4WD models 3000 element .

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