The new Audi q5l: lying flat is only a temporary reconciliation, and the pursuit of freedom is the answer

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new audi q5l lying flat
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Some time ago ,“ Lie flat ” Rush to the hot search and cause hot discussion . Two factions soon emerged in the discussion , On one side is the oral Carnival of young people , be “ Lie flat, young man ”, On the other side are public figures who fiercely criticize young people for not being negative .

“ Lie flat ” Is it really negative and decadent ? In fact, this may be just an emotional catharsis , Doesn't mean you'll really be with it . Just imagine , The group said “ Lie flat ” Young people , No, it's the deepest night , The longest class , While working hard , Someone who lives hard at the same time ?

After all, the adult world is never simple ,“ Lie flat, young man ” There are also dreams , Just chose to reconcile with life temporarily . They didn't put down their dreams , Free from milk tea 、 To travel freely , To wealth and freedom , Longing for freedom and distance , Same as “ Lie flat, young man ” My heart .


It is also based on the pursuit of freedom and distance , audi Q5 from 2009 It entered the country in 1991 ,2010 Since the first realization of domestic production at an annual rate , Has been with “ free ” Label , Continue to lead luxury with excellent product power B level SUV market .

This year, 5 New Audi in June Q5L The arrival of the , It is to sublimate this freedom again , New audi Q5L Put forward “ Free in Q5” Communication proposition , Upgrade simultaneously with new products and values , Draw us a “ The car of freedom ” What it should look like !

Freedom is the changeable temperament of internal and external cultivation

New audi Q5L Changed ! Not just the appearance , Even the interior is changing .


From the new octagonal integrated air inlet grille , Two face design 、 new LED headlamps 、 Moving wheels 、 Red calipers 、 Appearance color matching 、 To digital OLED Tail lights, etc , If the past Q5 It shows people that they are mature and steady , So from the new Audi Q5L Start , The new car will no longer be low-key .

The change of shape , It brings innovation in external temperament , And the change in size , Also let the new Audi Q5L It looks very different .


New audi Q5L The conductor is 4770 mm , The width and height are respectively 1893 Mm and 1667 mm , supplemented 2907 Mm extra long wheelbase , Not only compared to the previous generation Q5L With a comprehensive improvement , It also brings the best front and rear horizontal space at the same level , To meet the more free driving needs of car owners .


Into the car , New audi Q5L It also cancels the on the previous generation center console MMI Knob and touch pad , It adopts a more minimalist design style of the center console , This change also brings more convenient storage grid design , Further expand the storage space in the front row .

Besides , For luggage compartment space , New audi Q5L It also provides 550 l -1600 L flexible and variable space expansion ability , Whether it's a family trip , Or business reception , No matter how diverse the car scene is , New audi Q5L Can be easily competent .


Of course , The key to the improvement of temperament is the construction of high-level sense . The seats of the whole vehicle are upgraded to combined leather fabric with suture and piping design , Feel more comfortable , The texture is also more advanced , The comfort of long-distance driving is also guaranteed . and 30 Color atmosphere lamp and B&O Sound system configuration , Undoubtedly added a little to life “ Sense of ceremony ”, The concert hall where the avatar walks .

From outside to inside , From the whole to the details , Everything you see and touch is advanced , New audi Q5L Undoubtedly, it has prepared a good sample for the temperament of the car of freedom !

Freedom is more powerful , Lower energy consumption

For one station SUV for , People don't put too much emphasis on performance and handling , After all, super high center of gravity , In addition, the comfort of the space is deliberately enlarged , Let this category not grow here . however , This is an Audi B level SUV, So the new Audi Q5L Driving control , It's still worth looking forward to .


In the new Audi Q5L 45TFSI models ,0-100km/h The acceleration time only needs 6.9 second , Be able to compete with performance cars , It shows the superior performance , But I believe most Audi Q5L Car owners don't do that , With this ability , But you can choose not to , This is the real strong mentality .

And if performance determines how fast you run , So decide on a new Audi Q5L How far , Let's talk about quattro ultra Intelligent four-wheel drive system .

This is the most intelligent 4WD system in its class , Every second 100 This frequency monitoring includes real-time vehicle information , Can do up to 500ms Can predict the wheel adhesion limit , And in 0.2 Complete 4WD configuration and torque distribution of front and rear wheels within seconds .


In order to provide drivers with more diversified driving options , New audi Q5L Up to six different driving modes are also available . No matter what kind of poetry and distance , New audi Q5L Can bring the most comfortable driving posture .

Of course , In the new Audi Q5L On , The new car also carries 12V Light hybrid power system . With the blessing of this system , And the efficiency of lightweight technology and intelligent 4WD , Let the new Audi Q5L Have the lowest fuel consumption performance in the same level , The comprehensive fuel consumption is as low as 7.2 l . It can make you on the road of pursuing driving freedom , You don't have to worry about energy consumption .

Freedom is a technological surprise everywhere

If you want to find a label for Audi , Technology must be on the list , And the ranking will be very high , And in the new Audi Q5L On , This kind of technology pioneer's lead is also everywhere .

such as “ Lamp factory ” New digital OLED Tail lights , This set of tail lights not only has three kinds of tail light animation effects , Can provide “ Welcome or come home ” Ritual response , For mode switching , There will also be changes in the effect , The technology point seems to be full .


The most amazing thing is this set OLED Of tail lights “ Proximity detection ” function . Within a distance of less than two meters behind , If a vehicle approaches a new Audi at standstill Q5L The rear of the vehicle , Whole group OLED The tail light will light up instantly , Serve as a warning ; When the new Audi Q5L When starting and moving forward , The tail light will return to the original light state .

Of course , Audi's pursuit of Technology , It also lies in daring to innovate . For example, the instrument panel is covered with new materials with stitches , It not only improves the refinement of the interior , Moreover, China's exclusive supply has brought a sense of scientific and technological exclusivity .


As a luxury in the intelligent age B level SUV A masterpiece , New audi Q5L It is also equipped with a new MIB 3 Infotainment system and brand new Asterix The app store 、10.1 Inch new central touch screen 、12.3 " “ Audi virtual cockpit plus ”、 New voice interaction system and other intelligent configuration . The technology configuration you can think of , New audi Q5L Everything is complete .

Red review car

I thought the new Audi Q5L Of “ free ”, It's just a marketing script with a high sense of sophistication . Now it seems , New audi Q5L The freedom of is distributed on every product detail , and “ Free in Q I ” Not just the new Audi Q5L The re evolution and upgrading of the interpretation of freedom values , It's a cure “ Lying flat ” The best medicine .


It is worth mentioning that , Except for the new Audi Q5L outside , audi Q5 The family also brings self-esteem to users Q5L Sportback As well as the new Audi performance SQ5, Meet its personalized needs with a richer product matrix 、 Diversified free demand . about Q5 For the family , Freedom is not taken for granted , Freedom is based on deep accumulation and hard work .



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