Ferrari's violation was reported, and the driver was suspected of a star

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ferrari violation reported driver suspected

[ Car home   information ]  8 month 7 Japan , In the fourth road, Huanghuacheng reservoir, Huairou District, Beijing , It is suspected that Zhang, a film and television star, drove a Ferrari sports car with a female friend on the yellow line on a mountain road , Was photographed and reported by netizens passing here .

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8 month 9 Japan , The netizen reported the photo to Beijing Huairou traffic detachment . After receiving the report , Huairou traffic detachment immediately carried out verification work ,8 month 10 Japan , Because the motor vehicle violates the prohibited performance instruction , Driver Zhang was punished by Huairou traffic detachment 100 Yuan fine , Driver's license 3 Sub processing .

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 Car home

According to netizens , The driver of Ferrari sports car is a popular film and television star Zhang , The vehicle it drives is ferrari 458( Parameters | inquiry ) Speciale A, Global Limited sales 499 platform , Pick up a 4.5L V8 Naturally aspirated engine , Its maximum power is 605 horsepower (445 kw ), Peak torque is 540 cattle ・ rice .( writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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