Remove the short board red flag e-hs9 or push the 690km endurance version

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remove short board red flag

[ Car home   New energy ]  recently , We have the latest batch from the Ministry of industry and information technology 《 Catalogue of recommended models for promotion and application of new energy vehicles 》(2021 In the first 7 batch ) A red flag model was found in , Suspected as The red flag E-HS9( Parameters | inquiry ), Its NEDC The range reached 690km, Compared with the current models on sale, it has improved significantly .

 Car home

 Car home

According to the exposure information , The length, width, height, wheelbase and red flag of the car E-HS9 Exactly the same , The curb weight is only... Higher than that of the current top model 4 kg , This means that the car does not gain higher endurance by stacking batteries . Information display , The energy density of the car's battery system is as high as 206Wh/kg, Under working conditions, the power consumption of 100 km is only 18kWh/100km.

 Car home

motivation , The car and cash E-HS9 And exactly the same , The parameters of the front and rear motors are the same , Maximum power is 160kW, Maximum torque 300N・m, The maximum speed can reach 200km/h. There is no more information about this model , Auto home will also continue to pay attention to .( writing / Car home Hu Yongbin )

 Take off the short board The red flag E-HS9 Or push 690km Endurance version Car home
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