The strategic cooperation between JD logistics and Volvo cars involves many fields, such as terminal distribution

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【TechWeb】8 month 11 Daily news , recently , JD logistics and Volvo cars officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement . According to the agreement , Both parties will Around the national after-sales supply chain warehouse network planning 、 Forecast supplementary adjustment 、 Carry out in-depth cooperation in terminal distribution and other fields , Join hands to build a new benchmark of after-sales integrated supply chain service for medium and high-end automobile enterprises .

According to this strategic cooperation , The two sides will further integrate supply chain logistics resources , By optimizing the layout of after-sales parts supply network , Make inventory more front-end and closer to dealers , It can match the needs of dealers to the greatest extent, carry out flexible warehouse network layout and realize dynamic adjustment , It can also use big data to build an intelligent operation replenishment model , Realize lean replenishment management of supply chain .

After implementing the upgrade , Volvo auto parts warehouse will be built by the original 4 Cang Cheng 8 warehouse , At least more than half of the dealers' distribution cycle will be improved , It can also reduce management costs and waste of resources . Both sides will also take into account efficiency, cost and service quality , Form the logistics integration layout of batch sales business and retail business , And for the first time in the industry, it provides personalized service of home delivery , By providing professional customer service team and 365 Supply chain guarantee with 24-hour uninterrupted service , Comprehensively improve the after-sales service experience of Volvo owners .

meanwhile , The two sides will also rely on JD logistics in inventory layout 、 Professional management modes and information systems such as intelligent analysis , Realize the data production transparency of the whole link of distribution logistics 、 visualization , Improve the turnover efficiency and intelligent decision-making level of the whole supply chain .

When it comes to this cooperation , President and President of Volvo cars Asia Pacific CEO Yuan Xiaolin said , The strong alliance between Volvo cars and JD logistics in the field of automobile after-sales service , Promote both sides to seize the new opportunities of digital enabling industry , Realize the lean improvement of parts supply chain , Help Volvo cars and JD logistics jointly achieve high-quality development .

Besides , Jingdong Logistics CEO Yu Rui said , JD logistics and Volvo cars have maintained a good foundation of cooperation for a long time , This strategic signing , For JD logistics, explore and build an integrated supply chain service model for automobile after-sales service , It has important demonstration significance . It is expected that both parties will continue to explore in the future 、 The possibility of cooperation in more fields such as vehicle logistics , While jointly optimizing the supply chain efficiency of the automotive industry , It also creates a higher quality service experience for consumers .