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Don't be incredulous —— These Chinese brands “ Supercar ” player , Never lose an old foreign brand “ Performance car ”.

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2021 year 8 month 1 Friday night , Chinese contestant Su Bingtian with 9.98 Seconds of success , Won the men's Medal of the Tokyo Olympic Games 100 Sixth place in the rice final .

thus , He not only became the first Chinese player to reach the men's 100m final of the Olympic Games , Since the introduction of electronic timing 、 The first Asian player to reach the 100 meter final of the Olympic Games .

And in the semifinals earlier , Su Bingtian even ran out 9.83 Amazing results in seconds , And set a new Asian record for the project .

With this war , Sealable “ Su Shen ”.


As for Chinese brands that have been struggling to catch up in the automotive industry , At present, it has also emerged in the world . Among them ,“ Speed up ” Ability to enter “5 Second club ” There are more and more models ; There's even part of it “3 Second level ” player , Enough to directly integrate the tradition “ Performance car ” Pull off the horse .

today , Let's introduce some acceleration capabilities “ Explosion meter ”、 But in terms of price, it is by no means “ too high to be reached ” Of “ China Super run ”.

Byd han EV
4WD high performance version
The guided :27.95 Ten thousand yuan

Compared with the long-range version , han EV The 4WD high performance version adds a permanent magnet synchronous motor to the rear axle , In this way, the dual motor four-wheel drive function is realized . The combined maximum power of the two motors is up to 363kW(494 horsepower )、 The combined maximum torque is 680N·m—— Such powerful power performance , It is absolutely outstanding among Chinese brand pure electric vehicles .


According to the data released by BYD's official factory , han EV 4WD high performance version 0-100km/h Acceleration time is 3.9s, And specially show this proud achievement at the back of the car . However, some media have shown through actual measurement that , a 3.9s Need to be in an ideal environment ; And its acceleration ability in most cases ,“ Can only ” achieve 4.3s.

It's just , This has been completely “ Enough ” Is that right ?……


If you lock your opponent into Tesla at a similar price Model 3, han EV The high-performance version is almost “ Perfect victory ”; Only continue “ Up ”、 face 40 Ten thousand yuan level Model 3 Performance High performance all wheel drive version , Will appear “ Each sticks to his own stand ” The scene of .

that , With considerable acceleration , The price is 27.95 Million and $ 40 Ten thousand yuan +, Which do you think is more “ sweet ”?……

Led the g 03+
The guided :19.88-22.88 Ten thousand yuan

2019 year 4 month , Led the g 03 TCR The racing car started on WTCR Won the crown in the touring car world cup Morocco , It also raised the five-star red flag for Chinese auto brands for the first time in the International Circuit .

From that day on , We worship “ Performance car ” It is no longer a pure foreign product ; meanwhile , China's automobile manufacturing industry is also “ Overtaking in curve ” Outside of , With an internal combustion engine model, it issued a declaration to the world .


Led the g 03+ On board Drive-E series 2.0T High power engine , The maximum power is 187kW、 Peak torque reach 350N·m, And match the third generation of Aisin 8AT transmission , Its zero hundred acceleration result is 5.9 second .

Although this achievement has just entered “5 Second club ”, But for Chinese brands , In the field of internal combustion engine, it can compete with the world's major manufacturers 、 And successfully recognized by the market , It has been called “ feat ”.


In addition to plenty of motivation , Led the g 03+ We have also made great efforts to create a driving experience . When you enter the car, you can see , A large area of Alcantara texture of material 、“ Chrome black ” Interior metal parts 、 Striking yellow stitches and gold seat belts —— All this , Let the whole car embody the full sports characteristics at the same time , It also takes into account the luxury and grade sense of Lingke brand .


And in the “ Face Engineering ” outside ,03+ Of “ Internal skill ” Also excellent . The car is equipped with Borg Warner's fifth generation intelligent 4WD system , According to the driving conditions of the vehicle 、 Real time power distribution —— When driving hard , The power distribution of the front and rear axles can be maintained at 50:50 At its best , Give full play to the former 、 The grip of the rear wheels .

With golf GTI The silence of , Led the g 03+ Has become a “ Tachycardia ” Youth is the best emotional release machine —— What's more? , buy Ta Just one B The price of a class car .

Gao He HiPhi X
The guided :57-80 Ten thousand yuan

without doubt , Among all the Chinese brand models that have been mass produced so far , Gao He HiPhi X Is the highest selling price 、 And no one .


There is also no doubt that , Gao He HiPhi X High prices also bring high value . so to speak , It's designing 、 Do manual work 、 Configuration and technology , All represent the highest level of the domestic automobile industry —— Especially the cool and heinous way of opening the door , It has directly endowed itself with super luxury models “ aron ”.

As one “ Outside the industry ” What my friend said :“ its ‘ your ’, Just the kind you can't afford ‘ your ’, Rather than ‘ Silly expensive ’.”

This words , It may sound a little brain burning , But it should mean “ You'll see ”.


And in terms of motivation , Gao He HiPhi X Also have a high standard . It is equipped with an efficiency of 97.2% Before and after 220 KW double motor 、 as well as 97 kw · High capacity battery , Its “ Speed up ” Time is only 3.9 second , And it can guarantee NEDC The endurance mileage under working conditions is up to 550 km .


Although no matter how fast the results are 、 Or endurance , It all depends on the price 20 More than 10000 yuan BYD Han EV flat , But this one is as long as 5.2 rice 、 The servicing quality will never be low “ The big MAC ” It can achieve the same performance as the car , It's not easy .

【 The car power said 】 On the Olympic stage ,“ Su Shen ” Has successfully proved that the Chinese 、 Even yellow people can “ take off ”; meanwhile , These Chinese brands mentioned above “ Supercar ” People , It also strongly proves the rising trend of China's automobile industry .

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