Unbalanced BYD

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unbalanced byd


Byd han EV Stand still and catch fire , In a way , Slap Wang Chuanfu “ The blade battery will turn ‘ Spontaneous combustion ’ The word is completely erased from the dictionary of new energy vehicles .” Now , BYD's market value reached a new high , Can the capital market really not care ?

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Riding the east wind of policy , BYD has not only become a hot pastry in the capital market , Sales also show a rapid growth trend .

8 month 6 Japan , BYD A Share prices hit new highs 317.3 element / stocks ,H Stocks hit another record high 295 The Hong Kong dollar / stocks , Market value approach 9000 RMB one hundred million yuan .

8 month 5 Japan , BYD released the latest sales data ,7 The monthly production and sales volume is 5.96 Thousands of cars and 5.74 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 89.75% and 82.94%;1-7 month , Its cumulative production and sales volume is 31.35 Thousands of cars and 30.41 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 65.02% and 60.04%.

Besides , BYD 7 The total installed capacity of power batteries and energy storage batteries of new energy vehicles in June was about 3.001GWh,2021 year 1-7 The total monthly installed capacity is about 15.708GWh.

From rising stock prices to car sales , Then to the installed capacity of battery , BYD's performance is the envy of many people . however , Is BYD really as proud as it seems ?


The risk of imbalance

From BYD's sales composition , New energy vehicle 1-7 The cumulative monthly sales volume is 20.51 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 170.62%, The cumulative sales volume of fuel vehicles is 9.9 Thousands of cars , fell 13.31%.
It's not hard to find out , BYD's main sales force , It has changed from fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles . in fact , From March , This starts with cars K Sales volume of line statistics K The line chart can also be seen .

New energy vehicles soared , Fuel vehicles fell sharply , For byd , Seems to like Big Ben , It's not a good thing . Now electric vehicles mainly rely on policies , Especially in restricted cities .

therefore , Once in the new energy vehicle technology route 、 When the policy direction changes , Fuel vehicles continue to weaken , Will greatly reduce BYD's anti risk ability .

What's interesting is , In the sales of new energy vehicles dominated by BYD , The sales of plug-in hybrid models and pure electric vehicles account for almost half of each , The plug-in hybrid model still has a traditional fuel engine .

data display , Before this year 7 Months , BYD's sales of pure electric vehicles are 11.84 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 108.8%; The sales volume of plug-in hybrids is 8.18 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 463.31%.

thus it can be seen , BYD pure electric vehicle (EV) Sales are not that good , And BYD sees it as “ Minutes and minutes ” Second kill Tesla , All models sold are pure electric vehicles . therefore , Excluding plug-in hybrid models , BYD ranks first in new energy sales, which is far from the world's leader in new energy vehicles .


Incombustible “ myth ” It's also a bubble ?

7 month 24 Japan , Third party media testing “ Byd han EV High speed collision polar fox alpha S” The video has attracted widespread attention , As one of BYD's main sales models, Han EV, May be affected to some extent .

in fact , With “ Byd han EV High speed collision polar fox alpha S” After the collision video is released ,7 month 26 Japan 、27 Japan , BYD's double share price has fallen a lot .

And then , Benefit from the news of China's new energy and face the good , The capital market is still the share price and market value of power battery suppliers including BYD and new energy vehicle enterprises , Pull up again .

however , It doesn't mean han EV The storm is over , BYD can rest easy . Recently, some news has revealed , Because of a traffic accident , BYD EV Vehicle combustion events occur continuously in the vehicle model . And in BYD to “ Blade battery ” During the acupuncture test , It's like a myth .

According to the public video of the media , BYD Han, who has the advantage EV With the polar fox alpha S After the collision , Visual feedback is not only damaged, but more serious , And in the power battery 、 Stand still when the small batteries are powered off 48 Hours later , The power battery is on fire , A surprise .

Approved by the firefighters , Spontaneous combustion is caused by battery electrical circuit failure , Finally, the vehicle was completely damaged . It seems , Just emphasizing that being punctured is safe does not mean that the blade battery is absolutely safe , Or not burning . This also warns some enterprises , Electric vehicle safety is systematic , Instead of simply making gimmicks to guide public opinion , Misleading . overgeneralization , Not an option .

han EV The power battery , It is known by BYD chairman Wang Chuanfu “ Will put ‘ Spontaneous combustion ’ The word is completely erased from the dictionary of new energy vehicles ” Of “ Blade battery ”.

last year , BYD launched high-profile “ Blade battery ” when , Not only does the electric core acupuncture test not smoke 、 No fire 、 No explosion has aroused public attention , It also triggered a space separation debate between BYD and Ningde era on the safety of lithium iron phosphate battery and ternary lithium battery ,“ Blade battery ” Also take this shot and become popular .

Now , With the development of blade battery EV Successive fires , I'm afraid it not only makes Wang Chuanfu nervous , For Toyota cars that intend to use blade batteries , And the rumored Tesla , Will rethink the issues of cost and safety .

Whether the blade battery can achieve the effect of never spontaneous combustion in the publicity , The battery industry has always questioned , After all, nothing is absolute . The mainstream view in the battery industry is : The chemical stability of the cell cannot determine the safety performance of the battery pack , The safety of the system is far more important than the chemical stability of the cell .

Whether it's an electric car or , Or a power battery , Absolute safety is the aspiration and pursuit of consumers and enterprises , This is an indisputable goal , But it should also be clear , Nothing is absolute . therefore , Boast that the blade battery will never self ignite , It will not only mislead consumers , It also seems irresponsible .

As the events ferment ,“ Blade battery ” Market reputation and confidence that have not been easily established , Or a big discount . The sales of BYD Han , And BYD's external battery supply in the future , Or will have an impact .

After all , After the SAIC Volkswagen Passat collision , Far reaching impact on sales performance , Up to now, it hasn't slowed down .


Domineering and perfunctory response

The electric car caught fire due to a series of accidents , BYD's response , It's also amazing .
In response to the media crash test , Byd said “ The coolant of the colliding vehicle in the video ( Red , Widely used in the industry , It's conductive ) And Han EV Coolant for mass production vehicles ( violet , BYD is unique , Non conducting ) Completely different , After the collision vehicle is replaced with conductive coolant , The vehicle has coolant leakage within a few days after a severe collision , This will cause a short circuit , And cause combustion .”

Ironically , Many real name netizens publicly shouted to BYD :“ Why my family han , The coolant is red ?” This makes people's discussion on this matter more and more heated .

Facing the questioning of the car owner , The relevant person in charge of BYD changed his words in an interview with the media ,“ han EV The color of coolant varies according to different batches , But the colors are different , Coolant is non-conductive , It has nothing to do with color .”

This response , It's unpredictable . As a large listed auto company , Are you talking to consumers 、 Netizens joke ? And BYD Han EV Solder joint desoldering during collision , In BYD's domineering response , Not to mention , The main landing point is to emphasize , The test standards and methods used in the video are non mainstream 、 No authority , Nor is it a national or industrial standard , Discuss with the enterprise before the collision .

Of course , Understandably better than Yadihan EV, It's too important for BYD , It can be said to be the facade of BYD , therefore , For BYD , Response to relevant questions , We should be more cautious . According to such a fierce collision , Can be in 48 It took hours for the fire to burn , Personnel may have left early , Or someone has come to rescue , Seems to be explaining , BYD is still safe , Leave enough time for people to escape and rescue .

But , How will the capital market choose ? By 8 month 10 Closed yesterday , BYD's share price fell , closed 292 element / stocks , Market capitalization 8354 One hundred million yuan , almost yes 4 SAIC .


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