Domestic public upgrade F4 "tiantuan" debut?!

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domestic public upgrade f4 tiantuan
Motorcycle information at home and abroad !


2020 year 9 month 20 Japan , Chongqing Exhibition , Spring breeze civilian version 1250TR-G、 Benali three cylinder liter cruiser 1200GT In the same period ; 2021 year 5 month 29 Japan , Beijing Exhibition , Benali public upgraded three cylinder SUV 1200GT Release ahead of time , And announce the price 99800 element ;

2021 year 7 month 11 Japan , Sethe 1000ccV The cylinder engine was officially launched , Start the ignition ceremony ; 2021 year 8 month 8 Japan , GAOJIN advance notice company upgrades the cruise vehicle GK1000 It will appear at Chongqing motor show later this year !
thus , Domestic public upgrade F4“ Day regiment ” Official debut !
Once a domestic motorcycle 250 The competition between levels is so fierce , Today, , Has quietly arrived at the public upgrade , I'll ask you if you're surprised , No surprise ? following , Let's focus on the inventory of these four motorcycles .
Gao Jin GK1000 American cruise
After the product concept map ,8 month 8 Japan , Gao Jin released more information about new car configuration to the outside world , Including the use of electronic throttle 、 Aluminum alloy frame 、 Belt drive and 240 wide fetus .

meanwhile , The manufacturer has made it clear that it will 9 At the Chongqing Exhibition in June , Such a rapid rhythm , It's also very expensive !


A new car carrying 1000ccV Type a two cylinder water-cooled engine , stay 7000 When turning, it can reach 95 horsepower ,5500 The torque can reach 100NM. Emphasize low torque output , The power take-off is linear and smooth .

The body design is full , Car color , Except for the black and gray exposed before , Also available in red and bright yellow .
For Gao Jin , Xiaobian just wants to say , Having technical reserves is different . GAOJIN has always focused on the research and development of large displacement engines , In just a few years, it has successfully transformed from behind the scenes to in front of the stage , And became famous in the first World War .


in fact , In addition to this public upgrade Cruise , Gao Jin also has one 1200cc My vintage car , It should also be released immediately after , In terms of products ,F4 Inside , Gao Jin has a taste of being a latecomer .

Benali three cylinders 1200GT Civilian version
As F4 The only benali three cylinder with official guide price 1200GT Civilian version ,99800 The price of yuan, to be honest, there are not many surprises .

However, with the play of several brands of Qianjiang Group , Benali's positioning is still international , therefore , The price is more expensive. .

but QJ Would have been different , Guochao locomotive brand , Pay more attention to cost performance , therefore ,1200GT After that QJ Will the upgraded models on the same platform be launched , In fact, it deserves more attention .


Benali three cylinders 1200GT It's not a new car , The power core is from the past benali classic 1130 The three cylinder platform is upgraded , Relatively reliable , In line three cylinder water-cooled engine , Actual displacement 1209cc, The most powerful 100kW/9000rpm, Maximum torque 120Nm/6500rpm.

Equipped with sliding clutch 、 Front and rear Cameras 、 Heat the handle , Seat cushion heating 、 Adjustable seat cushion ( The minimum 780mm)、 Keyless start 、 Tire pressure monitoring 、12.3 Inch TFT Meter 、 Electric windscreen 、 Electro hydraulic middle support 、 Electrically adjustable rearview mirror 、 Bosch ME Front and rear linkage electronic braking system ,KYB Shock absorption , It has a series of functions such as reverse gear .
But judging from the current configuration of the car , Electric control is almost interesting .

Spring wind 1250TR-G
Spring breeze 1250TR-G Although the civil version has not been released , But the police version is already on the market , It looks a bit like a large state guest .

The car head adopts layered design , More modern , The dashboard is an ultra high definition 12.3 " TFT Meter .

 picture  picture

Shock absorber system and braking system , Adopted WP Electronic shock absorber 、BREMBO M50 Model radiation calipers , The tires are equipped with Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO III High performance tyres .

Have to say , Spring breeze is very sincere in configuration , Previous 800MT It has set a number of domestic firsts , Believe in 1250TR-G The civilian version also won't let us down .

Power system ,1250TR-G It's with KTM Of origin V Type two cylinder water-cooled EFI engine , The actual displacement reaches 1278cc, The most powerful 105kW/8500rpm, Maximum torque 120Nm/7000rpm.

Sethe V type 1000cc The engine
7 month 11 Japan , Sethe ZETHS, This domestic motorcycle factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, suddenly released a brand-new 、 Self developed public upgrade V Cylinder engine , I believe it has also attracted a lot of riders' attention to this brand .

As a company specializing in the production of personalized retro motorcycles , Zeit has only launched 2 models ——Bobber Borg of the wind V250 ,Chopper Windy Naja Naga , In terms of the current overall strength of this car factory , Not too strong .
But the era of personalization has given these independent car factories some opportunities , So that they can appear in front of the public in their own unique way , There are some eye-catching products .


The engines currently used by chaite are V Type two , Yes V I have some unique opinions on the type-A double cylinder . It is reported that , The prototype of this engine comes from Indian 1200ccV Cylinder engine , The representative model is INDIAN FTR1200 trolley .

After chaite's transformation , The engine displacement is set at 1000cc, Standard Version power 60kW, torque 90Nm.

Compare the book data of the first three cars , The power output of chaite's first engine is not high , Mainly because the manufacturer has considered the stability , I hope to ensure that the engine can run stably as much as possible . But the future , Chaite also has considerable room for development .


Anyway? , It belongs to the Chinese people F4 Finally here , One side , They explain to us how domestic brands can break through under the fierce attack of imported brands , On the other hand , It also shows us more possibilities under the upgrading of domestic motorcycle personality market .

What's the old saying ? There is always a dream , What if it does ! Domestic motorcycle brand , Despite all its shortcomings , But the future can be expected !


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