Battle fan burst, Chang'an uni-v declaration map released and unveiled at Guangzhou Auto Show

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battle fan burst chang uni-v
recently , We got a set of from relevant sources changan UNI-V The official figure , The whole new car is full of fighting breath . changan UNI-V Positioning compact cars , It's also UNI The first car in the series . The new car is expected to carry 1.5T Start on , Or will 2021 Guangzhou auto show officially unveiled .
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aesthetic , The new car uses and UNI-T、UNI-K Similar borderless design language , The whole China open and the front face are very naturally integrated together . The shape of the headlight group is very narrow and long , The eyes are very sharp . Compared with the overall design UNI series SUV For the model , More radical and sporty .
The side of the body is also very sporty , The body lines are smooth , Straight waistline runs through the front to the rear of the car , Stretched UNI-V The visual length of the body . The rear split back design of the notice car also further increases the sports atmosphere of the new car . Body size , According to the previous declaration information , new The length, width and height of the car reached 4680/1838/1430mm, The wheelbase to 2750mm.
The design style of the rear of the car tends to be simple , The lines are clean , There is no too complex design . The running tail light group also naturally becomes the visual center of the tail , The outward raised rear bumper adopts the design of diffuser , At the same time, it is equipped with two side exhaust pipes with rounded rectangle , Visually very eye-catching . It is worth mentioning that , The new car is also equipped with the only Electric tail .
motivation , The new car will continue UNI Family tradition , Carrying the latest generation of blue whales NE1.5T The engine , Maximum power is 138 kw ; Gearbox , The new car is expected to match 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox .

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