Wu Xin sold short sleeved overturned cars live. One sold for more than 400, and the sales volume was dismal. She questioned the fans with a black face on the spot

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wu xin sold short sleeved

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8 month 11 Japan , A blogger revealed a video of Wu Xin live selling goods , There was a lot of controversy .

It is reported that , The goods sold in this live broadcast are Dora A Around the dream , One of them has short sleeves T The T-shirt price 400 multivariate , This is what Wu Xin and her little sister are wearing , Except for a Dora A Dream logo, There are no other highlights .

The price of such plain short sleeves 400 multivariate , It's not cheap , The final sales volume is only 70 Multiple pieces , It can be said to be expected .

However , Seeing such dismal sales , Wu Xin was very unhappy , He asked with an unbelievable face :“ A short sleeve just 400 More dollars , Why didn't anyone buy it ?”

It is not difficult to see from her words , She thinks the price is very cheap , The expression and tone of his voice still have some sense of dislike for fans .

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