Hu Xinger sent a document to support her husband. She was not a soft rice man, but she accidentally overturned due to improper wording

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hu xinger sent document support

Many Hong Kong and Taiwan stars overturned because of improper remarks , Du Wenze and others are very familiar , And a few days ago , Small S Also because of improper remarks, the car overturned , Lost a lot of endorsements , It's really not worth the loss . Although many stars will apologize later , But a lot of speech is subconscious behavior , Language sometimes represents a person's thought , Not every time is a mouth scoop . What's more? , You can't walk by the river without wet shoes , No matter how cautious you are at ordinary times , The best place to hide , But action is inconsistent with thought. Sooner or later, the car will overturn !

Following small S after , Hu Xinger overturned again ! In fact, nothing happened , But Hu Xinger's husband, Li Chengde, took pictures of her and her son , The result was ridiculed by netizens as “ Soft rice King ”, I only know how to play with my children every day , Hu Xinger threw herself into work soon after giving birth to her child , Not just a “ Baby machine ”, And try to make money to support your family , It's so sad . Regarding this , Li Chengde said , I have several companies now , Business has been doing well this year , I have time to accompany the children , After all, family and children are the most important !

Actually , In the eyes of many people , Family and children are really important , There's nothing wrong with people accompanying their children , What's more, some families like men in charge and women in charge , For example, Qi Wei and Lee Seung Hyun's family , So netizens don't have to worry about . however , We all know that sometimes fans love their idols , It's nothing to say . In this case , Hu Xinger also sent a document to support her husband , Before I met Hu Xinger and in recent years , Li Chengde has paid a lot in his career , It's ok if you don't want to go to work .

There's nothing wrong with that , It also shows Hu Xinger's considerate , But some netizens found that she used “work in China” The words... , To go to the mainland to make a film is to work in China . you 're right , Netizens are just correcting words . Netizens also found that Hu Xinger used... In her chat with her best friend Hu Dingxin “ China ” To call the Mainland . More Than This , Hu Xinger complained about the poor medical environment in the mainland when she was ill , There is no single room. You can only drip in the hospital corridor , He also said he would return to Hong Kong immediately . in addition , National Day every year , Hu Xinger just posted a dynamic celebration on her microblog , however ins But there are celebrations of other festivals such as the Mid Autumn Festival . At the just concluded Olympic Games , Hu Xinger only wishes Hong Kong Athletes . For a while , Netizens are talking about it , I don't pretend to make money in the Mainland , Don't come later !

Tell the truth , Hu Xinger is still very popular with the audience , stay TVB When , She shot many classic works , Deeply loved by mainland audiences . And when I broke up with Huang Zongze , Netizens also stand on Hu Xinger's side , Defend her . But I didn't expect it to “ have two faces ”, The good reputation accumulated over the years may also collapse ! It also shows that , Patriotism is not talking about , Just send a few updates on Weibo , We should practice patriotism !

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