Huo Zun finally responded to his love affair with Chen Lu, but he "overturned the car" in the comment

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huo zun finally responded love

Mammoth news · Chief reporter of Oriental today Wu Jingjing

That often wears Han clothes 、 The immortal is singing the ancient wind song “ Immortal brother ”, The way you deal with feelings is not “ Immortal ”. Last night, , Huo Zun's ex girlfriend Chen Lu has a long article , About the nine-year relationship with Huo Zun , The other party once planned with his friends to force him to take the initiative to put forward the details of breaking up , And she has also been threatened and other information are the extent to which netizens are shocked . But it has been named by netizens “ What kind of man are you ” But the party concerned has not responded , Following my father, Huofeng and his music partners are “ Rollover ” And Chen Lu's friend Wang Meng sent a message twice “ hammer ” after , Huo Zun finally responded with a handwritten letter , But from the content , There seems to be no response to the point , In the words of netizens “ Like a tea master !”

8 month 8 Japan , Chen Lu posted a close frame photo of her and Huo Zun on her microblog . In the eyes of many netizens , The couple who have been running for many years will be officially announced , But after blessing and support , But I haven't seen Huo Zun's response for a long time , So this “ Unilateral official declaration ” It also attracted a lot of speculation , until 10 Before the woman speaks again , The man is still silent , Let fans and netizens question and laugh at Chen Lu .

8 month 10 Friday night , Chen Lu sent a long article , It details the nine years of love with Huo Zun , Call two people from 2012 Love began in . I had a good relationship , Two people travel together , Date together, look at the stars ……

They know her as a dancer , Later, he also jumped to become a national second-class dancer . But then I quit my job for each other , Wear two or three hundred clothes but buy him the best clothes and shoes .

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