Looking forward to the new car in the second half of the year: the replacement of Macchiato Chang'an cs55plus

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looking forward new car second

Independent brand models , Especially in the best-selling compact class SUV field , Today's competition can no longer be described as white hot , This compresses not only the independent profit space of each company , Even living space is threatened at any time , In this environment of not advancing or retreating , How to go next has risen to the strategic level of the survival of mainstream independent brands .

For their specific coping strategies , We can get a glimpse from the two hot models to be launched in the second half of the year .

WEY Macchiatto : The independent innovation , Explore new markets

After latte, the Great Wall's WEY The brand has launched another “ coffee ” Macchiatto , Its biggest attraction is that this model will be the first one officially used by Great Wall “ Lemon hybrid DHT” A technical model , Its listing will also indicate that Chinese car enterprises will comprehensively attack the hybrid car market .

So how will Macchiato behave ? To solve this problem, we must start with its hybrid technology . Macchiato's set DHT The hybrid system is mainly composed of four parts : The most powerful 71kW Of 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine ; The most powerful 115kW Of TM The motor ;DHT Highly integrated hybrid transmission ;1.7kWh Three element lithium battery pack .

It is worth mentioning that this so-called DHT Highly integrated hybrid transmission , Its bright spot lies in the two gear direct drive, i.e. large speed ratio and economic speed ratio , It can realize gear shifting without power interruption , Shift motor compensation with pre shift strategy , It is reported that it can be in NVH Aspects have been effectively improved .

The whole hybrid system can be divided into three modes in specific operation : Tandem mode 、 Parallel mode and direct engine drive mode .“ Tandem mode ” The vehicle is completely driven by pure electricity , The internal combustion engine cooperates with the generator to generate electricity , The generator dynamically distributes electric energy to the motor or battery as needed , Suitable for medium and low speed scenarios ;“ Parallel mode ” The motor and the internal combustion engine drive the vehicle at the same time , Maximize system power with high speed ratio , It is suitable for climbing and acceleration scenarios with large power request ;“ Direct drive mode of internal combustion engine ” That is, the direct drive mechanism of internal combustion engine , Corresponding economic speed ratio , To improve the high-speed driving ability of the vehicle .

Sum up , With the mainstream at this stage “ Two fields ” Comparison of hybrid system ,DHT Obviously close to Honda i-MMD System , On the premise of ensuring fuel consumption , Will have a good acceleration performance at medium and low speeds .

Can guess , With the blessing of this hybrid system ,WEY Macchiato will be a model with obvious economic orientation , According to the situation measured by the media before , Hundreds of kilometers 5L The following fuel consumption performance is very normal .

But compared to “ Two fields ” Hybrid model of , Macchiato still has WEY As an independent high-end brand, it has always had advantages in texture and configuration .

The new car continues “ mocha ” Create a sharp style , The huge hexagonal middle net is matched with the sharp looking headlamp group and the large front surrounding air inlet , Make the whole front face full of visual impact , The rugged lines also make the vehicle very recognizable .

Interior design is also WEY The latest language , Officially called “ The shape of celestial wisdom ”, The lines running through the center divide the central control into upper and lower layers , The upper layer is a large screen , The lower layer is the storage area .“ Coffee intelligence ” The cockpit will also appear on Macchiato , The new car is also equipped with a main instrument panel 、AR-HUD、 Central control display, etc , It is expected to realize multi screen linkage .

Wei Jianjun is at Great Wall Motors 2025 Strategy press conference and the third conference 8 At the opening ceremony of the th science and technology festival, the idea of transforming the great wall into a science and technology travel company was clarified , On this basis, the Great Wall has set new goals :2025 year , The global annual sales volume reached 400 Thousands of cars , among 80% It will be a new energy vehicle , Operating income exceeding 6000 One hundred million yuan , And plan to 2045 In 2010, we will achieve carbon neutrality in an all-round way .

The Great Wall is carbon neutral ,“ Pure electricity 、 Hydrogen energy 、 hybrid ” Simultaneous development strategy , As the first shot of hybrid , Macchiato shoulders the Great Wall group's great expectations , After listing, we will pay more attention to it , Maybe in terms of excellent service quality . Economy 、 A sense of quality 、 Macchiato, with its unique service level, is really worth looking forward to , Consumers who value economy and are willing to try fresh food can consider it now .

changan CS55 PLUS: The continuation of past advantages

And WEY Macchiato's approach to exploring new markets is completely different , Second generation CS55 PLUS It is an upgraded model of previous mature models of independent car enterprises , The purpose is to have played a tight level SUV While maintaining existing advantages in the market ,“ Inner circle ” Other brand models , So what are its advantages .

The second generation of Chang'an CS55 PLUS In many aspects, it still adopts the same configuration as the current model , The most representative is this 1.5T Blue whale NE Engine matching 7 Matching of speed wet dual clutch gearbox , This combination has been proven over time , Relatively stable at the same time ,188Ps And 300Nm At the same level, the driving force is also a relatively excellent performance .

In orientation , Second generation CS55 PLUS It will also continue the performance of the first generation , Focus on driving comfort and economy , Although it is equipped with a dual clutch gearbox , But Chang'an's adjustment of shift logic is that smoothness is better than speed , Let the driver ignore its existence as much as possible .

To be in the Red Sea “ Roll King ” There must also be a different bright spot , This time CS55 PLUS Put a lot of highlights on the design of interior and exterior decoration .

The new car adopts the latest design language of the brand , A lot of straight lines are used , To increase the feeling of calm atmosphere , At the same time, the texture of the product is highlighted through shape and surface changes , It can be said that the overall atmosphere is smooth , Without losing your personality , Has a good eye margin .

In terms of body size , Long 、 wide 、 Wheelbase has increased , Although the change is not big , But it can also be seen that Chang'an is trying to increase the interior space .

Interior design , New Chang'an CS55PLUS Learn from the design details of some relatively small models , Trying to improve the sense of upscale . One of the most distinctive is this personalized steering wheel , The design of flattening up and down is matched with high instruments , It creates a special driving feeling .

Limited by cost factors , The materials used are relatively general , Only the light coloured trim panel above the centre console is made of soft material , The rest are hard plastic , Manufacturers strive to achieve better visual effects through different processes and color matching .

The Internet of vehicles is also a must for independent brands , Second generation CS55 PLUS The overall experience remains at the existing level . In addition to the popular voice control , The car machine system also supports gesture control , Custom functions can be realized through different gestures , It can be seen that Chang'an is also improving the technology experience of the new car as much as possible .

Experience should continue , The cost should be controlled 、 The configuration should be high 、 Design should talk about , Second generation CS55 PLUS Basically, it has all the elements that can continue to sell well after the replacement of a mature model , It is still one of the most worth buying models in this field , Family car consumers can consider .

summary : Macchiato and the second generation CS55 PLUS It represents two major ideas for mainstream Chinese auto enterprises to develop products , Taking the technical route to develop new markets and taking the mass route to improve existing models are often used in parallel , As for the performance, it depends on the pricing , Originally, both cars were planned to be listed at Chengdu auto show , However, with the postponement of the auto show, auto enterprises will also adjust their listing strategy , We will also continue to pay attention to .

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