My 20-year-old cousin chose the new Elantra in seconds. What's the reason?

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20-year-old year old cousin chose

“ Is cousin free this weekend ? My brother went to see you !” I was flattered by my cousin's sudden call . My cousin, whom I haven't seen for a long time, suddenly came to see me , Instant memories are full . But what makes me more excited is , I heard he bought a car . When my cousin appeared in front of me at the weekend in the brand-new modern Elantra just mentioned ,“ Young man , All right !” Sigh, new mind . What kind of car is the new Elantra ? Why didn't he choose Langyi and Xuanyi ?

The appearance design shows the sharp nature

Almost all the new models of Hyundai are showing a special feature , That's the sharp character , The appearance design of the new Elantra is still very personalized .

The front design is very conspicuous , The modeling design of China open is difficult to see in other models , Although with Chang'an UNI The series models are somewhat similar , But it's not a special dream design . China Grid adopts matrix design , Sporty design is enough , Rectangular cutting has a strong sense of design , The headlights are also sharp , It's also very chic .

The side lines of the new Elantra are sharp , Many broken lines make the new Elantra design more sharp . The rear of the car is still full of broken lines , The shape design above uses broken lines to design a small tail . Below is a through LED Tail lamp design , When lit at night, the recognition is still very high .

The interior is family oriented, with outstanding texture

Similarly, , The interior design of the new Elantra also adopts the family design style of modern cars , Get in the new Elantra car , The first thing that attracts attention is the super large dual screen design , Not only improve the texture of the whole interior , The effect of creating a sense of science and technology is also very obvious .

In addition, in the interior design of the new Elantra , The steering wheel design is very chic , The grip is also very good , The handle also has a great sense of design . The control keys of the air conditioner are designed as touch screen , It is also very helpful to improve the texture , Plus the through air conditioning outlet , All Elantra's interiors still add a lot of points .

The performance of space is in line with the rules

The new Hyundai Elantra positioning compact car , Body size, length, width and height are respectively :4680*1810*1415mm, The wheelbase 2720mm. Body size , The new Elantra is one lap larger than many models of the same level , The wheelbase is also longer in the same level . Therefore, the space performance of the new Elantra should be good .

From our actual experience , The space performance of the new Elantra can only be said to be regular in the same level , After all, its body shape increases the body size , But the actual space in the car is not particularly excellent . However, the use space of the trunk is quite good , This is directly related to its relatively small rear space .

The power is flat to meet the daily transportation needs

The new Elantra is equipped with two sets of powertrain , Namely 1.5L Naturally aspirated engines and 1.4T Turbocharged engine . among 1.5L Maximum horsepower of naturally aspirated engine 115Ps, Maximum torque 143.9Nm, collocation CVT transmission .1.4T Maximum horsepower of turbocharged engine 140Ps, Maximum torque 211Nm, collocation 7 Dry double clutch gearbox .

motivation 1.5L+CVT The gearbox can only be said to be sufficient for daily use , It can only meet the power demand of daily urban transportation . and 1.4T+7DCT The power combination has obvious advantages , however 7 I'm afraid that the failure rate of dry double clutch gearbox in the later stage will be a little high , The reputation of this gearbox is very general .

Configuration performance is not Korean

as everyone knows , The biggest selling point of Korean cars is that the configuration is very high in the same level , The configuration of the new Elantra does not show obvious advantages . Cousin Elantra is 240TGDiDCT TOP Flagship top model . But in addition to 7 Gear dry double clutch gearbox , The rear axle is a torsion beam suspension , It is not an independent suspension structure , You should know that many models in the same level have been completely equipped with the independent suspension structure of the rear axle .

In addition, even the top model , It just matches 17 Inch wheel hub , Active and passive safety configurations are relatively rich , But there is no such convenient configuration as automatic parking , This is not friendly enough for some little partners who have just got their driver's license . So on the whole , The new Elantra does not continue the configuration advantages of Korean cars , Configuration performance is not Korean .

summary : Why didn't my cousin choose Xuanyi and Langyi that sell very well , The main reason is that the appearance and interior design of the new Elantra moved him , After all, the youngest person , Appearance and interior design pursue individuality , Publicity style is a more important part . As for motivation 、 Configuration may not be so important in their hearts . therefore , From the product itself , Elantra will still attract more young consumers ! What do you think of my cousin's car selection , Welcome to comment and discuss !

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