Which new Elantra model is the most cost-effective? Just take this comparison configuration!

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new elantra model cost-effective cost

With the launch of the seventh generation Elantra , Years away from the mainstream market “ Elantra ” And finally return to the vision of the general public . meanwhile , The seventh generation Elantra also completed a transformation , Become younger 、 fashion 、 The new Elantra of sports has also attracted the attention of many consumers after it was launched .

So which configuration of the seventh generation Elantra is the most worth starting with ? Let's see !

Model introduction

Before comparing the differences between the configurations of various models , Let's first review the basic situation of the seventh generation Elantra . The seventh generation Elantra ( Hereinafter referred to as the new Elantra ) The guide price 9.98-14.18 Ten thousand yuan , There are two kinds of power 、 Seven models with different configurations .

Thanks to the latest of modern cars Sensuous Sportiness Perceptual motion design concept , as well as Parametric Dynamics Integration of parametric dynamic design , It brings a powerful look to the new Elantra . Color matching design of roof and body , Style with slip back , Showing a full sense of movement . Body size , The length, width and height of the new Elantra are 4680/1810/1415mm, The wheelbase is 2720mm, It belongs to the upper middle level among the models of the same level .

Body color , The new Elantra offers 6 Different colors are available . Besides , Depending on the vehicle configuration , You can also choose the roof 、 Rearview mirror 、A/B The color of the column .

Into the car , The new Elantra adopts an asymmetric design inclined to the driver's side , The dual screen design of full LCD instrument panel and central control multimedia touch screen is a more popular interior design scheme recently , Four width flat bottomed multifunctional steering wheel and yacht bumper , It improves the sense of technology in the car .

motivation , The new Elantra continues the previous power combination , Provide separately 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine 、1.4T Two versions of turbocharged engine are optional . among ,1.5L Version maximum power 115 horsepower , Maximum torque 143.9 cattle · rice , Match the day CVT transmission , The official fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is only 4.9L;1.4T The maximum power of this version is 140 horsepower , Maximum torque 211 cattle · rice , Transmission system matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , Official fuel consumption per 100 kilometers 5.2L.

Taken together , Return to “ Elantra ” After naming , This model relies on its excellent design sense 、 Practical size space and rich selection of powertrain realize a more comprehensive comprehensive product force . In the same level of market , The new Elantra has its own unique positioning . So which configuration of the new Elantra is more cost-effective ? So let's look down !

Which one is the most worth buying ?

1.5L GLS Leading Edition

The guided :9.98 Ten thousand yuan

Recommend index :**

As the minimum configuration of the whole series , At the same time, it is also the only guide price in 10 Models within 10000 yuan ,1.5L GLS The leading version has a good configuration performance , for example ESC Body electronic stabilization system 、HAC Uphill assist system 、TPMS Tire pressure monitoring system , And reverse image 、LED headlight 、LED Daytime running light 、 Multi-function steering wheel 、 The electronic hand brake ( With automatic parking )、8 Inch Touch screen and other configurations . But after all, it's just an entry-level model , Plastic lined steering wheel 、 Cloth seats 、 Manual air conditioning , And smaller hubs , All have some impact on the texture of the whole vehicle . Although as an entry-level model configuration, it is enough for daily use , But you spent all your money , I don't want to spend more to enjoy better ?

1.5L GLX elite

The guided :11.28 Ten thousand yuan

Recommend index :***

The price has gone up 1.3 A sub low configuration model of 10000 yuan , The side air curtain is added in the configuration 、 Front and rear parking radar 、 Power sunroof 、 Leather steering wheel 、 Leather seats 、 Power folding exterior rearview mirror 、 Smart key + Keyless start 、 The automatic opening of the rear compartment sensor has brought obvious improvement , In addition, the hub has been upgraded to 17 Inch . But on the whole ,1.3 The difference of ten thousand yuan , Mainly in the improvement of texture , Cost performance is not outstanding .

1.5L LUX Noble edition

The guided :12.38 Ten thousand yuan

Recommend index :*****

The price increases again 1.1 Ten thousand yuan later 1.5L LUX The noble edition is already 1.5L Version of the sub top configuration model , This time, the configuration level has been significantly improved . First of all Hyundai SmartSense The integration of intelligence and mind into the security system , brought FCW Collision warning ahead 、FCA Front anti-collision assistance ( Be able to identify the vehicle / Pedestrians )、LDW Lane departure warning 、LKA Lane departure prevention assistance 、DAW Driver attention warning 、LVDA Front car departure reminder 、LFA Keep the lane centered 、HBA Automatic switching between high and low beams 、DRM Rear image display system and other functions , Although this is not the whole Hyundai SmartSense Intelligent and heart in one safety system , But it's enough to improve the driving experience .

Other configuration aspects ,1.5L LUX The noble edition also adds H Through type LED Combination tail light 、 Visual integration 10.25 Inch LCD dashboard +10.25 Inch Touch Screen 、 Driver's seat power switch 6 Directional regulation 、 Front seat heating 、 Four door window one key up and down 、 Window remote control 、BLE Mobile phone Bluetooth key 、 Steering wheel heating 、 Cruise control 、 Wireless charging of mobile phone 、 Touch automatic air conditioner 、 Air conditioning air purification system ( With air conditioning self-cleaning function )、 Tunnel mode air conditioning automatic internal circulation function 、 Automatic internal circulation function of anti glass water air conditioner 、 Rear silent care mode 、 High speed charging USB、 Car home mutual control 、 Vehicle real-time navigation system 、 Super ID function 、 Remote vehicle control 、 Emergency services 、 Vehicle care services 、 Health care services 、DuerOS Intelligent voice interaction function ( Natural language recognition & Scenario response )、QQ music / Listen to me . It is obvious from the length of this part 1.5L LUX Configuration richness of noble Edition ,1.1 The price increase of 10000 yuan has a very high cost performance , At the same time, it's also 《 vehicle 314》 The most recommended configuration model .

1.5L TOP Flagship Edition

The guided :13.38 Ten thousand yuan

Recommend index :****

1.5L Version of the top model , Compared with the secondary top configuration, it increases 1 Ten thousand yuan . In terms of specific configuration ,Hyundai SmartSense The function of the intelligent and heart in one safety system is more perfect , Added FCA-JT Front anti-collision assistance - Cross Road opposite car 、SVM 360° Panoramic images 、BVM Blind area display system 、SCC Intelligent cruise control ( With stop and go function )、NSCC Navigation based intelligent cruise control 、HDA Highway driving AIDS 、BCW Blind zone collision warning 、BCA Blind zone anti-collision assistance 、RCCW Rear cross collision warning 、RCCA Rear cross anti-collision assistance 、SEW Safe exit reminder .

Besides , Replace the instrument cluster with 10.25 Inch 3D Color full LCD material ,64 Colorful atmosphere lamp 、 Rear center armrest 、 Rear center headrest 、 The rear headrest is adjustable up and down ( Including center head restraint )、 Rear seats 6:4 Fold 、 Electric heating of exterior rearview mirror 、 Air outlet of rear air conditioner 、 The parking security function is also a new configuration . Taken together ,1.5L TOP The new configuration of the flagship version mainly focuses on the intelligent driving assistance system , Other functions are mainly more friendly to consumers with high utilization rate in the back row . If the budget is adequate , In fact, you can also consider this configuration .

240T GDi GLX elite

The guided :12.38 Ten thousand yuan

Recommend index :***

As 1.4T Version of the entry model ,240T GDi GLX The elite version is actually in the later stage to reduce 1.4T The entry threshold of new models , The configuration is basically the same as 1.5L CVT GLX Keep up with the Elite Models , The selling price is the same as that recommended by the author 1.5L LUX The noble version is the same .

Specific configuration ,240T GDi GLX The elite model mainly adds 1.4T Version of the exclusive design , Including single side double exhaust pipe 、 Rear spoiler 、 Metal Pedal ( throttle & brake )、 Shift paddles 、 Warm red suture ( The seat 、 Door trim panel 、 The steering wheel )、 Special seat cover for turbine 、 Black roof liner, etc , And equipped with ISG Automatic engine start stop function , Other configurations are basically the same as 1.5L CVT GLX The elite version is the same . But compared with the same price 1.5L LUX Noble edition , In addition to the improvement of power ,240T GDi GLX Elite Edition as 1.4T The entry-level model of , The configuration performance is relatively general . Unless there is really a high demand for power , otherwise 1.5L LUX The noble version is more worth choosing .

240T GDi LUX Noble edition

The guided :13.28 Ten thousand yuan

Recommend index :*****

Next is 1.4T The secondary top configuration of the vehicle version , It is also a noble model , Increase in selling price 0.9 In the case of ten thousand yuan , Change the 1.4T+7DCT powertrain , And equipped with ISG Automatic engine start and stop function 1.4T Version of the exclusive design . If you are going to buy 1.4T Version of the model , that 240T GDi LUX The noble edition is also worth recommending .

240T GDi TOP Flagship Edition

The guided :14.18 Ten thousand yuan

Recommend index :****

And 240T GDi LUX The noble version is the same ,1.4T The flagship version of the model is only better than 1.5L The flagship version of the model has added ISG Automatic engine start and stop function 1.4T Version of the exclusive design , And changed 1.4T+7DCT powertrain . Or that sentence , If the budget is adequate , And the configuration / High texture requirements 、 The usage rate of the rear row is also high , Then it is no problem to directly select the top configuration in one step .

Finally, let's summarize , The overall configuration of the new Elantra is satisfactory enough , Even the price 10 Wannei's entry-level model also has a good cost performance , But the overall texture is a little general . The overall improvement of the two elite models is not obvious , The recommendation index is not high ; And whether it's 1.5L The model is still 1.4T edition , The noble version is a more recommended cost-effective model , The price increase is not high 、 Significant improvement in configuration ; As for the two versions of the top equipped flagship model , Their recommendation index is second only to the noble Edition , This is mainly because the utilization rate of some configurations is not high . Whether it's noble or flagship , Specific options 1.5L still 1.4T The version depends on the demand for power .

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