The domestic real seven seat SUV is suitable for family travel, with a minimum of less than 200000 cars

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domestic real seat suv suitable

Here comes the three-child policy .

Although many people say they can't afford 、 Don't want to have , But the policy has opened the door , I believe someone will respond to the call , At this time, as a big family, we need a 7 car . And what many people don't know is ,7 There is also a real... Inside the car 7 Seat and false 7 Seats , The difference is the size of the space and the comfort of the third row , Some fake 7 The narrow third row of the car can only be used by children . This issue will bring you several domestic SUV, Affordable price, large space , The most important thing is that they are all true 7 seat .

Byd tang DM-i

The official price :18.98 ten thousand -21.68 ten thousand

Bright spot : Super hybrid technology 7 seat SUV

aesthetic , Byd tang DM-i The basic design of Tang fuel version is adopted , Family Dragon Face Design language and details such as adding silver chrome trim strip at the front surround of the car , None of them were absent . The obvious difference , Maybe it's BYD don DM-i The rear of the “DM-i” Sign it .

interiors , The large central control screen follows DM-i Addition of hybrid system , Large size HD touch screen with electric rotation , Have support OTA Upgrade and other functions DiLink 3.0 Intelligent networking system . Besides , Large area real leather covering and suede design , All show a sense of grade .

motivation , Byd tang DM-i Equipped with electric hybrid system and Xiaoyun - Special turbocharging for plug-in mixing 1.5T High efficiency engine . Battery , Byd tang DM-i The capacity used is 9.98kWh and 21.5kWh Lithium iron phosphate “ Blade battery ” Battery pack , In terms of endurance, they are pure electric endurance 52km、112km Two kinds of . As a plug-in hybrid SUV, Byd tang DM-i Of NEDC Comprehensive endurance is within reach 1010km、1050km, The fuel consumption per 100 km under the feeding state is the lowest 5.3L.

Edit comment on : Byd's DM-i Technology can really be called super plug-in hybrid system , It can be used as a pure electric vehicle in the city , Intervene in the engine at high speed , Not only save fuel 、 Efficient and quiet . Byd tang DM-i In China 7 seat SUV In , Fuel consumption is the lowest , Thus, the vehicle cost is greatly reduced , Suitable for families who often drive out .

The stars and the moon

The official price :16.89-22.99 ten thousand

Bright spot : Domestic strength is the strongest 7 Seat medium and large SUV

In terms of shape , On the basis of continuing the design of Xingtu family , Many popular elements have been added , It is not only magnificent, but also full of fashion temperament . As a medium and large-scale SUV models , The side waistline of the moon is full of power , High ground clearance , It also ensures good road trafficability .

interiors , The central control of range moon adopts the popular dual screen design , It not only has a sense of grade, but also has a sense of science and Technology , And many places are decorated with wooden decorative panels , Plus electronic file handle and touch tablet design , Enhance the luxury of the whole vehicle .

motivation , Xingtu range moon offers two engines to choose from , Namely 1.6T Turbocharged engines and 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Drive systems are matched 7 Wet double clutch gearbox .

Edit comment on : As a rare medium-sized and large-scale domestic brand, star range moon SUV, Not only is the space wide enough , Its matching Chery 2.0T The engine can be called the strongest power in China , If you have high requirements for cars , Then the star path to the moon may be your only choice .

The harvard H9

The official price :20.98-36.88 ten thousand

Bright spot : Hardline off-road 7 seat SUV

Modeling , Positioned as hardline off-road SUV harvard H9, Hard enough and wild enough , Whether it's the straight lines widely used in the car body , The design of the external spare wheel or the external spare wheel shows its domineering temperament .

interiors , The harvard H9 It's different from the traditional hardliners , It shows the flagship SUV Due sense of luxury . Diamond suture technology and the extensive use of soft wrapping materials , Makes the visual and tactile experience very good . meanwhile , LCD instrument and large central control screen realize double screen interactive function , Plus OTA Online upgrade 、 two-way WIFI、 Online entertainment and other functions , Let the people in the car enjoy the convenience of science and technology .

Dynamic part , The harvard H9 carrying 2.0T Turbocharged power , The transmission system is matched from ZF Of 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . Besides, Harvard H9 Not only is it equipped with a four-wheel drive system , It also provides up to three “ Differential lock ”, The off-road performance is the strongest in China at the same level .

Edit comment on : In domestic big 7 seat SUV In , If you want to find a model suitable for off-road , Then it's not Harvard H9 It must be . Plus the luxurious and comfortable interior 、 The seat , The harvard H9 As a 7 seat SUV, It is also suitable for the whole family to travel together .

The above three domestic products are really 7 seat SUV, Which one do you like best ?

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