Another "troublemaker" in the joint venture MPV market, can Hyundai kustui stand firm?

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troublemaker joint venture mpv market

With the domestic household MPV The market competition is becoming more and more intense , Major car companies are joining this scuffle one after another , Want to occupy a third of an acre in this field . But at home MPV There have always been two camps in the market , One is the family represented by Odyssey MPV, The other is based on GL8 Business represented by MPV. But in these two camps , There has been no shadow of Beijing Modern . I don't know if it's late or late , Recently, I finally got the first Beijing Hyundai MPV—— The listing of Cousteau , New car will be 9 Officially listed within the month . So, as the beginning of Beijing Modern MPV The first product in the market , What is the competitiveness of kustu ?

First, in terms of appearance , Cousteau uses something similar to the new Tucson L Design of front face parametric gem cutting , However, the size of the headlights in kustur will be larger , And the shape will be more exquisite , Headlights use LED Light source for . The overall front face looks domineering .

Double waistline design is used on the side of the car , And a lot of use of line decoration , Make the side edges and corners of the car clear , Very powerful . meanwhile , Both side sliding doors are used on the side of KUs transit vehicle , The roof uses a double sunroof design , The daylighting effect will be better .

The rear of the car uses a through lamp set , Follow the current trend .“HYUNDAI” The words are placed in the center of the rear of the car , More classy .

interiors , This Cousteau also uses a more concise design style , The overall home atmosphere is strong . Used with the new Sonata 、 Tucson L Large vertical central control screen with the same shape , The steering wheel also uses the latest style of the modern family , The overall sense of fashion is quite sufficient .

A car MPV Whether the model is good or not , Spatial expression must be a very important consideration . The external dimensions of this kustuk are :4950/1850/1734 mm, Wheelbase reached 3055mm. Compared with domestic household MPV For the best Odyssey , Cousteau does have a big advantage in size . In terms of internal comfort configuration , The second row seats in Cousteau provide heating 、 Leg support function , And provide small tables .

Power system is also a core selling point of Beijing Hyundai kustu , There are a total of 1.5T and 2.0T Two power options , Both power systems can ensure the power demand for daily driving .

Last , As a new car entering the Chinese market MPV models , There are not many challenges facing modern kustuk . however , If Hyundai can have a more reasonable price after it is officially listed in the future , Then I think the future market performance of this kustuk is worth looking forward to .

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