With high appearance, large space and low energy consumption, BYD dolphin is the first choice for urban travel. The pre-sale of BYD Dolphin will be launched on August 13

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high appearance large space low

BYD dolphin, which attracted wide attention once it appeared , Recently, it was officially announced that it will be on 8 month 13 Pre sale officially opened on . BYD dolphin is not only the first to adopt “ Marine Aesthetics ” Model of design concept , At the same time, BYD e platform 3.0 The first model of , Hard core strength should not be underestimated .

“ Marine Aesthetics ” The first model , The new design fills the expectations of young users

Clothes are for men. , So is the car .“ Marine Aesthetics ” Design concept is another bold breakthrough of design master egger , Specific to dolphin models , From appearance outline to interior design , From detail decoration to color matching , Both contain rich marine elements . We see more than just a car , It's also a free 、 Personality and fun depict the dream of urban life . This also caters to Z Generations of people favor beauty 、 Pay attention to texture 、 Like the aesthetic needs of cute and interesting .

The color matching of dolphins is very characteristic , Seven creative colors are named “ Beibei ash ”“ Dudu white ”“ Sparkling blue ”“ Rustling green ”“ Honey orange ”“ Puff powder ”“ Surf blue ”. Its two-color body design and “ The dolphins ” Your biological image is highly consistent with , On the front and rear bumper 、 Skirt line , More eye-catching bright colors as jump colors , Cause visual contrast . For better results , It also adopts the design with consistent internal and external colors , Therefore, dolphins have become an exclusive personalized fashion label in an instant .

In terms of external design , The contour of the roof is like “ The dolphins ” The back of the water ; The sharp combination of waist line and skirt line is very fast , As if “ The dolphins ” In a high-speed sprint ; The design of the headlights is called “ Dolphin eye ”. There are many similar designs , The hub shape is reminiscent of “ The dolphins ” The joy of jumping out of the water 、“ Water ripple front grille ” Like “ The dolphins ” Push away the pleasure of ripples on the water . take one's ease , dynamic .

In the dolphin car , It will give people a full sense of healing to swim in the ocean world . The suspended dashboard is like floating on the water , The soft curve is like the waves around . Many details of the interior can also make people naturally relate to the ocean 、 Waves make connections .skin care The skin interior gives people a gentle and considerate feeling , all-new easy-going It also brings a unique human vehicle interaction experience to dolphins .

e platform 3.0 The first model , Beauty value , More connotation

e platform 3.0 It is the latest achievement of BYD's intensive work in the field of new energy , Is seen as a “ The cradle of future cars ”, And dolphins have become e platform 3.0 The first model of . because e platform 3.0 Pure electric vehicle properties , Dolphins have shorter front and rear overhangs , Wheelbase reached 2,700mm.66.3% The axle length ratio makes the body proportion more harmonious , It doesn't look tight , At the same time, it also makes dolphins comparable B The extra large space of the class car .

Dolphin is equipped with the world's first deeply integrated eight in one electric drive assembly , With leading power density and system efficiency . In terms of energy consumption , BYD dolphin 100 km power consumption will be as low as 10.3kW·h, It is lower than the model of the same level 10% above . Dolphin is also BYD's first model equipped with energy-efficient heat pump system , It can get better endurance performance at low temperature in winter . Combined with battery pack direct heating and direct cooling technology , Dolphin's heat pump can also keep the power battery at the ideal operating temperature , Let the winter endurance gain 20% Improvement of .

The mystery of the “ Marine Aesthetics ” Design and hard core e platform 3.0 What new possibilities can technology collide with ? With the opening of pre-sale , Dolphins will be the first to tell us the answer . In this “ New species of pure electricity ” When the pre-sale starts , BYD will also release a new car line , Of course, there are more surprises waiting for us to find .

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