BMW X5 made in China, luxury medium and large SUV market, opening the era of domestic "big fight"?

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bmw x5 china luxury medium

The budget 50 Ten thousand yuan or so , Friends who want to buy cars , Wait a minute. . otherwise , You may miss a BMW X5.

In recent days, , An exciting news came out of the Internet : BMW brilliance X5( Code name G18) The wheel assembly project of the model is officially off the assembly line .

It means , BMW Brilliance X5 About to enter the countdown to mass production .

BMW X5 Domestic production has long been an open secret , What people really care about is the price after it is made in China . A analysis says , Without the blessing of tariffs , BMW Brilliance X5 The starting price of may drop sharply to 55 Ten thousand yuan or so ( Guide selling price of cash models :69.99-83.49 Ten thousand yuan ). If so , That luxury medium and large SUV The existing balance of the market , It's about to be broken .

BMW X5 domestic “ Bright spot ” first

As early as the second half of last year , The news came out X5 Will be made in China . In accordance with the plan , New car will be 2021 Carry out trial loading and road test in ,2022 year 4 Month to 5 Monthly mass production , And in 2022 Officially listed in the second half of the year . And according to this generation of BMW X5 Life cycle of , Domestic models are likely to be in 2022 It officially appeared when it was changed in the middle of the year .

Another source said , Brilliance BMW is carrying out technical transformation of Dadong factory and Tiexi factory , To ensure that the new model is in 2022 year 4 In production . So it seems , The timeline basically coincides .

earlier , Some netizens exposed suspected domestic X5 Road test drive , The familiar outline is consistent with the current model , Mainly for headlights 、 Adjust the appearance details such as grille .

And the biggest change of the new car , It's the interior .

Refer to the spy photos of overseas models modified in the medium term , The new car is similar to BMW iX Similar dual screen design , More technical , At the same time, it cancelled “ Big drumstick ” Stall handle , Instead, a paddle shift structure , The whole looks more concise 、 The atmosphere .

I hope that after domestic production , These latest designs will not be castrated .

Besides , There have been reports , BMW Brilliance X5 The wheelbase will be further extended , To better adapt to the Chinese market . And this will further make up for BMW X5 In the corresponding Mercedes Benz GLE、 audi Q7 When waiting for competitors , Lack of body size .

Dynamic part , BMW Brilliance X5 Or will continue to carry 2.0T and 3.0T The engine , And the new 48V Light mix version , The transmission system still matches 8AT transmission , And provide xDrive All-wheel-drive system .

BMW X5 domestic , Who put the pressure on ?

In the domestic luxury car market , First of all BBA“ fight against landlords ”, The second is that others play each other . Even at the starting price of 700000 or 700000 , BMW X5、 Mercedes GLE、 audi Q7 Still hanging a group of competitors whose prices are halved . And the identity of the import , It also maintains a delicate balance between the three .

that , With BMW X5 domestic , Will this delicate balance be broken ?

Can't .

Just imagine , BMW Brilliance X5 The price is 55 Ten thousand yuan , That Mercedes GLE And audi Q7 What will be the outcome ? therefore , domestic GLE And audi Q7 The rumor is not groundless , A new round of competition has already started quietly on the road of localization .

Predictably enough , Although the price reduction after domestic production will promote the improvement of sales , But BMW X5、 Mercedes GLE、 audi Q7 The market pattern among the three , There will still be little change . The German top three will continue to catch up with each other , Maintain their respective in luxury, medium and large SUV Leadership in the field .

Really feel the pressure , It's Lincoln flyer ( Guide price :50.98-75.98 Ten thousand yuan )、 Cadillac XT6( Guide price :39.27-55.27 Ten thousand yuan ) etc. “ Second echelon ” models . Obvious , If domestic BMW X5 The price dropped to 55 Ten thousand yuan or so , These competing models will be ruthlessly “ Dimension reduction blow ”.

Another affected model is Volkswagen Touareg ( Guide price :59.18-82.18 Ten thousand yuan ), Although this high-end Volkswagen can't compete with BBA A confrontation , But with good cost performance , Still won the favor of many users . if BBA( domestic ) Erase its price advantage , Then the result is hard to say .

however , Personally feel , BMW X5 Price benefits brought by domestic production , More attractive to those who try to reach . People who can't afford it , Still can't afford . For those whose prices are just numbers , It is not discussed .

Conclusion :

As for BMW X5 Will domestic products stimulate luxury medium and large enterprises SUV The market enters the domestic market “ A big fight ” Time ?NO!BBA A new round of domestic entry , It will only stimulate other brands , Accelerate the survival of the fittest . All in all , Good for consumers .

And the reason why luxury cars are luxury cars ? In addition to being noble , Good performance + superior quality , Is the key to attracting people to chase . BMW Brilliance X5 The price is down , It does give more people a chance to reach , But regardless of the price , Ensure quality and performance , Make users feel value for money , In order to be invincible .

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