Finally can't sit still? Put on the new front face of the Japanese version, Odyssey wants to "kill the four sides"?

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finally sit new face japanese

No one expected ,MPV The market is like a pot of red soup , Not only does it smell good , And it's hot .

stay SUV Kill the Quartet , At a time when the car market is tepid , It's not very impressive MPV market , But it has become in the eyes of major manufacturers “ The bestselling ”, It has become their way to increase sales “ Secret recipe of good medicine ”.

GL8 The dominance of one family has not changed , But it is undoubtedly indispensable for Buick , The kei M8、M6 Continued contrarian growth , It has become the pioneer of GAC motor's sales growth . And Toyota Saina 、 modern CUSTO Kustu 、 Kia Jiahua and a wave of new cars are coming , Will also be MPV Add more seasoning to this pot of red soup in the market , It's enough for everyone's appetite .

May be 9 Vehicles with seats below 6 Exemption from inspection in , Perhaps it is the further relaxation of the two child and three child policy , But whatever the cause , Today, MPV market , It is bound to become a point for major manufacturers to seize every minute in the future .

As the earliest joint venture in China MPV One of , Honda Odyssey used to be with GL8 A close model . It's just , With China's foreign trade 、 The rapid development of the economy , More business oriented GL8 It is more favored by consumers , The Odyssey, which focuses on domestic players, can't take more advantages .

But fortunately, , Monthly sales close 5000 Taiwan's sales , Let the Odyssey not be too embarrassed , It's just ,7 The odyssey that hasn't been replaced in years , There seems to be no way to further improve sales . What's more? , The kei M8、M6 Also realized the anti surpassing of odyssey in sales .

He asked , The Odyssey at this time , Are you still flustered ?

in fact , After four generations , Now the current fifth generation Odyssey has changed a lot . It not only has a higher body , And it broke the convention that the previous four generations had no side sliding door , Double side sliding doors are standard , Make it more traditional in the overall design MPV It's internal .

More Than This ,2019 year , GAC Honda also launched a car equipped with i-MMD Odyssey of hybrid system · Hybrid version , And then stopped selling the pure fuel version . All department HEV Hybrid system blessing , It also makes the Odyssey unique in its class .

so to speak , Odyssey is still an excellent MPV, But all this has changed , It doesn't seem to be enough to turn these advantages into sales , Jiashangqi M8 And so on , More new models are about to enter the market , They have to calm down and think about life .

however , A recent news , It makes many people have more expectations for the Odyssey .

It is reported that , The new Honda Odyssey has started road test in China , Some media also exposed the road test spy photos of the car . And we learned from relevant sources , The new car is regarded as a major change model , It is expected to be listed in the fourth quarter of this year .

in fact , The new domestic Odyssey comes from the Japanese model officially listed overseas last year , The new car still adopts the platform and power consistent with the cash , But for appearance 、 Many adjustments have been made in the interior and functions .

Although not a replacement , But why is the new Odyssey worth looking forward to ? We might as well refer to the Japanese version of the new Odyssey , Let's explore !

“ Big mouth ” The front face is arranged

Probably because of the influence of ELFA , Today, medium and high-end MPV The market blew for a while “ Big mouth wind ”. Whether it's trumpchi M8 Master Edition , Or Jianghuai Ruifeng L6 MAX, They all have huge Chinese net grids . More Than This , In the retrofit market , Even many GL8、 Mercedes V All levels have been replaced with such “ Big mouth ”.

Even though “ Big mouth ” Upper body , Greasy explosion , But it seems that in the eyes of many people ,MPV And “ Big mouth ” It's a natural couple , How to match, how to coordinate . Good. , Since everyone likes it so much , The new Odyssey will arrange for you .

Larger mesh grille , It also makes the front of the new Odyssey fuller , It's a little less dynamic than before , But it gives people a more stable and atmospheric sense of vision . All in all , The new Odyssey has a stronger business atmosphere , It is also more in line with the Chinese people's understanding of MPV The aesthetic needs of a stable atmosphere .

Configuration is no longer “ stingy ”

At the new Odyssey , The change is far more than just a change “ Big mouth ”, Its high and low beams are all LED The light source , Compared with the cash top equipped high beam lamp, it also adopts halogen light source , Can be regarded as keeping up with the pace of the times . And on high configuration models , It is also equipped with two... Under its headlights LED Active steering assist lamp , When driving at night, it further provides lighting for the blind area of the curve , Improved driving safety .

Besides , The Japanese version of the new Odyssey also provides a kick induction electric tailgate on the high configuration models , This configuration is not available on cash models . in addition , The new Odyssey is also in front of the air outlet of the central control air conditioner , A retractable cup holder is provided , Practicality and advanced sense have been improved .

The new car has been replaced with a new three spoke steering wheel , The central control screen has also been updated into a popular suspended shape , And the size has been upgraded to 10 Inch . meanwhile , The dashboard also changed from the original 3.5 The inch LCD screen has been raised to 7 Inch . Besides , All new cars are standard HONDA Sensing Active safety system , Added reservation locking function, etc .

Sound insulation is no longer make complaints about

The new car is in the front window 、 Left and right side sliding doors, windows, etc , Both adopt double-layer laminated silent glass , Compared with cash, only such glass is used in the front window , It will certainly bring better tranquility to the rear passengers . More Than This , For left and right sliding door windows , It is also thickened .

meanwhile , To further reduce noise , The new Odyssey is also equipped with a noise reduction wheel hub patented by Honda , With silent tires , Also make it originally in NVH The inferior position in the becomes its advantage in an instant .

All this has changed , All make the modification of the new Odyssey comparable to the replacement .

More exaggerated “ Big mouth ” Cater to the demands of domestic consumers , Make complaints about the past , It has also been made up after this generation change . however , Face MPV More and more latecomers in the market , Whether Honda Odyssey can achieve further growth in sales ?

in fact , Odyssey is MPV The market has always had a good reputation , And GL8 The gap in sales between , It is mainly caused by positioning . Fortunately ,“ Big mouth ” Blessing , Make it have more business atmosphere , It also enables it to get a piece of the business market .

But more importantly , With more and more second births 、 The arrival of the three child family , Odyssey, which focuses on the home market , It is bound to usher in a new period of growth . Although soon Kia Jiahua 、 Toyota Saina and other models will enter the market , But they are too big , So the probability will still be the same as GL8 Grab the business market , It won't compete directly with the Odyssey .

With this change and upgrade , More refined 、 New Odyssey with higher configuration , In fact, the power has undoubtedly been significantly improved . add i-MMD The blessing of this unique skill of hybrid system , The performance of the new Odyssey is enough to be expected .

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