Han EV standard endurance version luxury hard core is listed, setting a new benchmark for the value of 200000 + medium and high-end pure electric cars

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han ev standard endurance version

In recent days, , BYD announced ,“ Global super safe intelligent new energy flagship car ” han EV Push the standard endurance luxury model , New models NEDC The driving range of pure electricity under comprehensive working conditions is up to 506 km , Price after comprehensive subsidy 20.98 Ten thousand yuan , Bookings are accepted from now on , expect 2021 year 9 Month delivery .

han EV It is the great achievement of BYD's global leading technology , A new energy flagship car built with the advantages of the whole industrial chain system . han EV The launch of the standard endurance luxury model , signify 20 ten thousand + The endurance threshold of medium and high-end pure electric cars will be raised to 500 km +. It also enables ordinary consumers to touch byadhan at a more reasonable price EV , To improve overall sales .

han EV The blade battery capacity of the standard endurance luxury model is 64.8 KWH ,NEDC The driving range of pure electricity under comprehensive working conditions reaches 506 km , The characteristics of high bulk energy density of blade battery , Supplemented by ultra-low wind resistance coefficient of the whole vehicle 、 Ultra high energy recovery efficiency 、 Energy saving and consumption reduction measures such as double silver coated windshield , Make it have long endurance capability covering a variety of use scenarios .

han EV The standard endurance luxury model is suitable for the national public charging pile , Compatible with multiple charging modes , from 30% Fast charging to 80% The fastest power is just 25 minute ,500 km + Pure electric endurance , For users living in first tier cities with complete charging infrastructure, it is enough to cover their daily travel needs , Daily commute 60 km , Fully charged once a week, travel without pressure ; Yes, living in the Yangtze River Delta 、 For users in urban clusters such as the Pearl River Delta , While meeting the daily commuting needs , It can also take into account the occasional needs of intercity travel .

more importantly , Compared to what is being sold “ han EV Super long endurance luxury “, han EV Standard endurance luxury “ Less endurance, no less luxury , Reduce the price without reducing the quality ”, by 20 ten thousand + Medium and high-end pure electric cars set a new value benchmark .

First , han EV The modeling design and design of standard endurance luxury model EV The super long endurance version is exactly the same as the luxury model . secondly , han EV The whole vehicle configuration of the standard range luxury model is also the same as that of the Han Dynasty EV The super long endurance version is in line with the luxury model , Including driver's seat ventilation 、 Heating function , Rich Luxury comfort configurations such as driver's and passenger's seats and multi-directional electric adjustment of lumbar support have not been reduced at all . and , han EV The standard range luxury also has S German chassis adjustment and library level NVH Quiet space , Bring users a superior luxury driving experience .

At the level of security quality involving the core interests of users , han EV The standard endurance luxury model is still equipped with double front airbags as standard 、 Front and rear seat side airbags 、 Driver's knee airbag 、 Front and rear through side air curtain, etc 11 airbag , At the same time, it is also equipped as standard FCW Forward collision warning 、AEB Active safety configuration such as automatic emergency braking , It reflects BYD's equal treatment of safety .

han EV The intelligent level of the standard endurance luxury model is also consistent with that of the super long endurance luxury model , It carries DiPilot The intelligent driving assistance system is deeply integrated with existing systems L2+ Level 1 driving assistance ;DiLink 3.0 The smart networking system provides mobile phones NFC car keys 、 Intelligent voice interaction 、 Cloud service, intelligent housekeeper and other black technologies , Bring... To users “ No discount ” Luxury smart space .

since 2020 year 7 Since its launch in June , han EV With its comprehensive leading hard core products, it is favored by Chinese elite groups , Sales continue to lead the Chinese brand medium and large car market , And in the first anniversary of listing 10 Ten thousand new cars went offline , Create a milestone for the upward development of China's new energy vehicles .

han EV The heavy weight of the standard endurance version and the luxury model is on the market , Further Han EV Industry benchmark product advantages extend to 20 ten thousand + Market segments of medium and high-end pure electric cars , In standard endurance models of the same level , Provide longer mileage and richer configurations , It shows the strength and confidence of China's new energy flagship car to continue to lead the market .

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