Smart pure tram market is about to usher in great changes? Interpretation of the two heavy black technologies of "GAC open day"

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smart pure tram market usher

7 month 27 Japan , The reporter was invited to attend “2021 GAC group investor open day ” Activities . Originally, I thought this activity was just an ordinary automobile brand visit and exchange , What I didn't expect was , Compared with this year 4 Of the month “ GAC technology day ” Activities , I saw a lot of shocking new energy vehicle black Technology . And I think , Some of these technologies may have a disruptive impact on the whole new energy vehicle industry .

6C Super quick charge : Let pure electric travel completely bid farewell to mileage anxiety

The first stop of the activity , We first came to GAC's ai'an intelligent ecological factory , Here is production AION The exclusive factory of series intelligent pure electric vehicles , We have also been in full close contact with GAC's new energy vehicle Electrification Technology , Of course, there is no shortage of famous GEP2.0 Pure electric exclusive platform 、 High performance two speed double motor “ Four in one ” Integrated electric drive, etc . Of course , And the power battery technology that gac-e'an has been vigorously promoting this year , Including magazine battery system safety technology 、 Super fast charging battery technology and sponge silicon negative sheet battery technology .

however , Among these industry-leading battery technologies , Super fast charging technology is most likely to bring disruptive changes to the industry , In especial 6C Fast charge of multiple rate . Activity period , GAC AIAN also demonstrated to the public for the first time at the charging pile site 6C Driving experience of super fast charging car , In the end, the vehicle only used 4 branch 50 In seconds 30%-80% Power on . If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes , I can't believe it . According to the on-site introduction of relevant experts , The super fast charging battery technology applied by gac-e'an uses a new conductive agent , Build an efficient three-dimensional conductive network , The conductivity of the cell is improved , The use of coated ceramic diaphragm and new high-power electrolyte also improves the rate performance and thermal stability of the battery , The vehicle is at room temperature 6C Charge it quickly 100 Ten thousand kilometers .

It was revealed that , GAC's super fast charging battery technology will be launched this year 9 The moon appears , Will start in AION V models , There will be two versions :6C-500km and 3C-500km, To meet the fast charging needs of different users . among ,6C Super fast charging battery system adopts high voltage platform , The maximum voltage can reach 1000V, The maximum charging current can reach 600A, The peak charging power is nearly 480kW, Whole package power 75kWh, The maximum endurance of the whole vehicle can reach 500km.

The super fast charging battery with high magnification naturally needs to match the corresponding super fast charging pile . And GAC as early as 2018 The project of high-power super charging pile began in , At present, we have developed a matching 6C Super fast charging pile with charging rate . It is said that GAC EA plans to lay out more than this year 100 A super fast charging station . With the increasing popularity of super fast charging facilities , I believe that the era of super fast charging will come in an all-round way .

Second generation lidar : Speed up L4 The era of self driving is coming

The second stop of this activity , We came to GAC Research Institute . ad locum , We saw a series of ICV Intelligent networking technology , These include ADiGO Intelligent IOT system 、G-OS System 、5G and V2X On board intelligent communication system, etc . however , I think the most interesting thing is the second generation intelligent zoom lidar . GAC AEAN also announced through an official poster a few days ago , The technology will be used in its SUV models AION LX Realize the world's first application on .

Compared with the first generation lidar, the refresh frame rate and resolution are fixed , The second generation can see further 、 See more clearly , Can make later higher-order L4 Automatic driving is safer and more reliable . therefore , This technology is also seen as L4 Threshold technology of automatic driving . before , Xiaopeng's models are equipped with the first generation of lidar , But as the technology iterates faster , is “ I got up very early , A late show ”, Gac-e'an, which comes from behind and applies the latest technology , Instead, it has become a new “ Lidar King ”.

Take the opportunity of this activity , We also experienced the independent research and development of steam L4 Self driving cars Robotaxi. at present , GAC's ADiGO The intelligent driving interconnected ecosystem has been iterated to 4.0 edition , In terms of intelligent IOT system, GAC launched a new generation of intelligent operating system G-OS; And in the aspect of automatic driving system , Newly upgraded pilot assistance system (NDA), To configure 31 An intelligent sensing sensor , Support single lane cruising on highways and ramps 、 Automatic lane change 、 Automatic overtaking 、 Automatic up and down ramp function , It can completely liberate the hands and feet of users , Relieve driving fatigue . Predictably enough , With the help of the second generation intelligent zoom lidar , GAC AEAN is expected to take the lead in the industry to launch L4 Intelligent vehicle with automatic driving function ,L4 The era of automatic driving is not far from us .

This event , We also learned about GAC's new generation of car cloud integrated electronic and electrical architecture , The architecture is mainly composed of seven Gigabit Ethernet backbone networks , The functions of the whole vehicle adopt SOA Design , Support L4 Automatic driving meets the requirements of information security and functional security in terms of security . Plus high-precision radar 、 High precision maps, smart cameras and other technologies , In the future, ai'an's intelligent pure tram can lead the driving of urban road conditions , At the same time, the system will also integrate advanced parking functions , Based on high speed 、 City 、 Parking lot map integrated design support , In the future, AIAN will gradually iterate to realize the complete point-to-point intelligent driving experience from parking space to parking space . The whole system is expected to start mass production in the third quarter of next year .

For Chinese car companies , The market of intelligent networked new energy vehicles with great potential , The future will be the biggest growth opportunity , Who can take the lead in the development of the industry , Who is expected to win more market share through technologically leading products . Obviously , Hold many industry-leading new energy vehicles “ Black science and technology ” GAC ea , Has been at the forefront of the industry .

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