87000 pre-sale! The fourth generation imperial: it only takes three seconds for you to plant grass

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pre-sale pre sale fourth generation

In the domestic sedan market , Geely Dihao must be an indelible model . Since its launch , Geely Dihao has always had good sales performance , With its cost-effective price and atmospheric appearance , Praised by domestic consumers as “ National sedan chair ”.

as time goes on , All competing models in this field have been upgraded , The competitiveness of cash Geely Dihao seems to be no longer so strong . So recently , Geely Dihao has finally ushered in the fourth generation , And in 7 month 30 Japan , Geely officially announced the second 4 Daidihao officially opened the pre-sale .

Two versions of the new car are available , The pre-sale price is :8.70-9.20 Ten thousand yuan . Most consumers will think , Geely Dihao's sales are good purely because of price , But the author disagrees with this view , Because in addition to the price factor , Geely Dihao's product performance is also commendable , This view is expressed incisively and vividly in the fourth generation Geely Emperor .

Because the Imperial is a new generation model , Therefore, the overall appearance design has undergone earth shaking changes compared with the old models . The front face of the fourth generation Geely Dihao uses Geely's latest family face design , Keep up with your eldest brother Geely Xingrui . Straight waterfall Chinese open can bring good visual impact , With delicate on both sides LED Headlights and blackening design below , Make the overall appearance more classy , At the same time, it is also more young and fashionable , More in line with the aesthetics of young consumers .

The shape design of the side of the car body is not very different from the old model , But the changes in some details are the finishing touch . The waist line extending from the front headlamp to the rear tail lamp divides the whole side of the vehicle in two , The visual scale is very harmonious , And angular . In terms of size , The length, width and height of the fourth generation Geely imperial are :4638/1820/1460mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm, The body width is outstanding , Superior to other models of the same level .

The tail design of the fourth generation Geely Dihao uses more popular designs at present , Such as through taillights , At the same time, there is an auspicious English LOGO. besides , The design of tail lamp is also a highlight of the fourth generation Geely Dihao , from 190 Composed of two bulbs , The effect when lit is very recognizable .

Same as the appearance , The interior of the fourth generation Geely imperial has also undergone earth shaking changes , The whole interior layout is more concise than before , At the same time, it also has a sense of science and Technology . The center console is covered with a lot of soft materials , According to the official introduction , Coverage has reached 85%, The sense of grade has been significantly improved .

And the interior provides two color schemes , One is pure black , There is also a more advanced blue and white color for visual effects . Full LCD instrument panel with suspended central control display , It adds a good sense of science and Technology . Through type air conditioner outlet , And a lot of chrome decoration , Make the overall interior create a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere .

motivation , The fourth generation Geely Dihao is equipped with 1.5L Four cylinder naturally aspirated engine , Maximum horsepower 114Ps, Peak torque 147N·m, Transmission system matching CVT transmission . If you look at the parameters alone , The power performance of this Geely Dihao naturally cannot be compared with that of the model equipped with a turbocharged engine , But as an entry-level sedan , Naturally aspirated engine +CVT The power system is undoubtedly a better choice , Under the condition of ensuring fuel economy , It also has good ride comfort , And the actual power performance is also completely sufficient for household scooters .

Through comprehensive analysis , This fourth generation Geely Regal, regardless of its shape 、 interior 、 Or the overall driving texture is basically better than that of cash Imperial , This is also the advantage of the new model . Especially the appearance , It's no exaggeration to say , Three seconds of visual experience is enough for people to plant grass .

Finally, return to the domestic sedan market , Although the mainstream trend in the automobile market is gradually moving towards SUV The model is close , But we have to admit , Sedan models still occupy a large market share . Therefore, at present, major main engine manufacturers still insist on pushing through the old and bringing forth the new . In the field of independent brand entry-level cars , Most of its audience are new to work 、 Young consumers with little savings , For these consumers , They have their own unique concept of buying cars , They don't like old-fashioned designs 、 I don't like the plain interior , What they care about is whether the car can shine in front of them . In my opinion , The fourth generation Geely imperial has done it , about 95 For the author after , The beauty of the fourth generation Geely Imperial is the most attractive thing to me .

As a new model , The change of the fourth generation Geely Imperial is earth shaking . Compared with the old models , The new imperial, both in appearance and interior , Or the power level has been greatly improved . Beyond all doubt , Through the improvement of comprehensive product power , After the listing of the fourth generation Dihao, it will certainly attract more and more consumers , Especially the attention of young consumers . therefore , We have reason to believe that , After the official listing in the future , The fourth generation Geely Dihao has the opportunity to achieve good results again .

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