The appearance of the spy photos of the new BMW 8 series test will be slightly changed and released in the spring of 2022

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recently , The driving line of sight obtained a group of new BMW from overseas media 8 Test spy photos of the Department . As a mid - term change model , New BMW 8 The overall shape and design of the series are not different from the new models , Is expected to be in 2022 Released in the first quarter of .

aesthetic , New BMW 8 Only on the front 、 The rear of the car is covered with camouflage , It also implies that the new car will only be adjusted at the front and rear surround , The style of the front grille has not changed much , The size is also relatively restrained . Side view , The new 8 The system does not use any disguise , Keep the current model smooth 、 grace 、 Natural body lines .

interiors , Spy photos were also exposed before , Compared to cash models , The new 8 The system provides a larger central control screen , It is also expected to carry the latest iDrive 8 System . As for the steering wheel 、 Central control area and gear handle position , Both are close to the current models .

motivation , The new car is expected to continue to carry 3.0T In line six cylinder turbocharged engine and 4.4T V8 There are two options for turbocharged engines . Transmission system , The new car is matched 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , And provide xDrive All-wheel-drive system .

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