The spy photos of the test of Weilai et7 road are exposed. It is expected to be listed in the first quarter of 2022 / the starting price is 448000 yuan

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spy photos test weilai et7

recently , The driving line of sight obtained Wei Lai from relevant channels ET7 Road test spy photos of , The new car is the first car of Weilai automobile . Starting price 44.8 Ten thousand yuan . expect 2022 It was officially launched in the first quarter of .

From the spy photos , The tail of the new car maintains a simple design , The through tail lamp highlights a highly scientific and technological atmosphere on the simple body . It can be seen that , The roof of the new car presents a sliding back design , There is also a cocked duckling tail in the trunk , It looks very athletic . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5098/1987/1505mm, The wheelbase 3060mm.

Power system part , The new car uses pure electric drive front and rear motors , The maximum output power is 480kW, Peak torque is 850Nm. Besides , The new car has 3.9s 100 km acceleration time and 500km、700km as well as 1000km Range of .

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