Dongfeng Fengxing Lingzhi plus announced the starting price of 99900 yuan and added four appearance colors

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dongfeng fengxing lingzhi announced starting

recently , The driving line of sight is learned from official channels , Dongfeng fashion lingzhi PLUS Before going public , Officially announced its starting price . It is reported that , The starting price of the new car is 9.99 Ten thousand yuan . As a new model , Four body colors are added to the new car for consumers to choose .

Appearance part , The new car adopts the family design style , Large size air inlet grille is adopted on the front of the vehicle , After being decorated with chrome plated material , It enriches the transverse visual width of the car . Both sides of the front , And huge headlights , The interior is also equipped with a lens light source , Eye catching visual effects at night .

Come to the back of the car , The new car uses a large tail lamp , And it's also used internally LED Match the light source , It further improves the visual feeling of the car . Body color , Aurora Green has been added to the new model 、 Spacetime blue 、 Agate red and Jasper green are four body colors for consumers to choose .

On the interior , The new car has also upgraded the styling design , It looks more exquisite visual feeling , Luxury has also improved . configuration , The right electric sliding door can be selected for new vehicles 、 Wooden floor and rear axle with large speed ratio . On the power system , New cars continue to be loaded 2.0L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum power is 133 horsepower , Peak torque is 200Nm. On the drive system , The new car matches 6 Speed manual transmission .

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