The new SAIC Roewe whale application map will be officially listed in September this year

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new saic roewe whale application

In recent days, , The driving line of sight obtained the declaration map of Rongwei whale from relevant channels . It is reported that , The new car will be launched as soon as this year 9 Official listing .

aesthetic , It can be seen from the declaration diagram of this exposure , The new car adopts a very fashionable design language , The whole looks very futuristic . The specific term , The front face of the new car is equipped with very sharp headlights , It looks very visual impact . Besides , The new car is equipped with large-size straight waterfall borderless air inlet grille , It looks like a concept car .

The side shape of the car body is very atmospheric , The tail sliding back design is matched with the more vigorous waist line , Give the new car a more dynamic visual effect . meanwhile , The new car is equipped with large-size multi width rims , The fashion atmosphere has been improved .

The rear of the car body is very full , Rich sense of hierarchy . A large spoiler is provided above the rear , With the exhaust layout that looks like two sides and four sides below , Create a very good sense of movement . Besides , The tail light of the new car adopts the popular through design , The internal luminous structure is exquisite , It's very recognizable after lighting up .

Dynamic part , It is reported that the new car will carry a code named 15C4E Of 1.5T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power accessible 133kW. Transmission system , The new car is expected to match 7 Double clutch gearbox .

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