Mitsubishi atuko's application map will be listed in 2021

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mitsubishi atuko application map listed

recently , The driving line of sight obtained a group of new car declaration drawings of Mitsubishi atuko from relevant channels , GAC and Mitsubishi Motor jointly developed , The car will be launched as the first new energy of GAC Mitsubishi . Currently sold only in Asia . according to the understanding of , New car will be on the 2021 It will be officially launched within this year , Maximum range 500km.

aesthetic , Artuco combines Mitsubishi “Dynamic Shield” Family design language , The overall design is not difficult to see that it is a new energy model . The front face is equipped with a closed air inlet grille , The strong line collocation inside makes it create a more hardline style . The rear of the car body adopts a relatively simple design method , And adopted L Type lamp group .

motivation , Mitsubishi atuko will carry a maximum power of 135kW, Peak torque is 350N·m The motor of , Maximum endurance is 500km.

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