New Peugeot 408 declaration drawing exposure details adjustment / power unchanged

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new peugeot declaration drawing exposure

recently , The driving line of sight has obtained the new Peugeot from relevant channels 408 The declaration chart of . As a mid - term change model , The new car is only adjusted in detail .

aesthetic , It can be seen from the declaration diagram of this exposure , The new car continues the design of the previous model as a whole , The front face is equipped with large polygonal air inlet grille , The surrounding is decorated with Silver Chrome Plating for edging , Match with sharp headlights on both sides of the front , The visual effect is very powerful .

The side shape of the car body is very atmospheric , The smooth body curve is matched with the more vigorous waist line design , Bring more dynamic visual effects . meanwhile , The new car adopts large-size multi width rims , The shape is adjusted compared with the previous paragraph , Further enhance the fashion flavor . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4750/1820/1488mm, The wheelbase is 2730mm.

The rear part of the car body is full , The tail lamp adopts a more conventional split design , The internal luminous structure is integrated with the iconic lion claw element , Very discerning . Dynamic part , It is reported that the new car will continue to carry 1.6T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power accessible 125kW.

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