The new GAC Honda Odyssey application drawing is exposed, and the appearance design is more fashionable

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new gac honda odyssey application

recently , The driving line of sight obtained the declaration map of the new GAC Honda Odyssey from relevant channels . Compared with the previous model, the design of the new car has been greatly adjusted .

aesthetic , It can be seen from the declaration diagram of this exposure , The new car adopts the latest design language , The front face is equipped with large polygonal air inlet grille , The interior is filled with banner chrome decoration , Match with sharp headlights on both sides of the front , The visual effect is more powerful than the previous one .

The side shape of the car body is slender and atmospheric , The sharp waistline gives the new car a good sense of strength , Match with large multi width wheel rim , Create a full sense of movement . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4861mm/1820mm/1712mm, Wheelbase reached 2900mm.

The rear of the car body is very full , The tail passes through the tail through a Silver Chrome Plated decorative strip and is connected with the tail lights on both sides , Visually stretch the width of the tail . Dynamic part , It is expected that the new model will be consistent with the current model , carrying 2.0L Hybrid power system , The maximum power of the engine 107kW, Peak torque 175N·m; Maximum power of motor 135kW, Peak torque up to 315N·m.

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