The popular Lingzhi plus travel version starts from 99900 yuan

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popular lingzhi travel version starts

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

8 month 11 Japan , Dongfeng fashion lingzhi PLUS The travel model was officially launched , Price range: 9.99-11.19 Ten thousand yuan . Last year 10 Compared with the ordinary model launched in January , The car has been improved in terms of configuration , New wooden floor in the car , The right sliding door is upgraded from manual to electric .

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In appearance , Dongfeng fashion lingzhi PLUS The appearance of the travel version is not much different from the ordinary model currently on sale , Adopt the design language similar to the old Toyota ELFA , The front face design is very atmospheric , Match with crystal diamond eagle eye headlights , Make the front face look more atmospheric . It is worth mentioning that , Ling Zhi PLUS The travel edition adds four body colors with the theme of spring, summer, autumn and winter , They are Xia Menglan 、 Spring breeze is green 、 Autumn red 、 Winter pine green , At the same time, it also provides two colors of Xingyao black and Pearl White . In terms of body size , Ling Zhi PLUS The length, width and height of the travel version are 5140*1920*1920mm, The wheelbase is 3198mm.

In the interior , Dongfeng fashion lingzhi PLUS The interior of the travel version should pay more attention to personalized needs , Added wooden floor for consumers to choose , Compared with the traditional needled carpet , It looks more luxurious . Besides , Ling Zhi PLUS Originally, manual sliding doors on both sides were used , For the travel version, the sliding door on the right side is upgraded to electric . meanwhile , The new car also adds handrails on the middle doors on both sides , More convenient for passengers to get on and off .

In terms of configuration , Dongfeng fashion lingzhi PLUS The travel version will be equipped with LDW Lane departure warning system 、BSM Blind area monitoring system 、 Automatic emergency braking system (AEBS)+ Rear parking radar, etc .

motivation , Ling Zhi PLUS The travel version will continue to carry 2.0L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum power is 98kW(133 horsepower ), Peak torque reached 200Nm. Drive system part , It matches the engine 6 Gear manual gearbox .

Who are the competitors ?

2020 Trumpchi M6

Ling Zhi PLUS After the launch of the travel version , Will be with the auspicious wind M4、 Gold Ge Ruisi 、 The kei M6 And other models to compete . Compared with competitors , Ling Zhi PLUS The travel edition has more abundant internal space , Wooden floor and sliding doors on both sides , In contrast, trumpchi M6 The advantage of is that it is more inclined to ride performance , Comfort performance and configuration have certain advantages , But in terms of space, it is not as good as Lingzhi PLUS Travel version ; And Ruifeng M4 comparison , Ling Zhi PLUS The advantage of the travel version lies in its comfort and configuration .

Edit comment on : Ling Zhi PLUS It was the east wind that prevailed last year 10 A medium-sized and large-scale product launched in January MPV, Price range: 9.99-11.19 Ten thousand yuan . For this level of MPV Come on , Such a price can be said to have almost no competitors . Now , Configure higher Lingzhi PLUS The travel edition was officially launched , It will further strengthen the competitiveness of new cars in the market segment .

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