BYD F5 real vehicle is equipped with DM-I hybrid system

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byd f5 real vehicle equipped

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

recently , Aika automobile obtained the application information of BYD's new car from the Ministry of industry and information technology . The car is named BYD F5, The appearance adopts a new design language , In terms of power 1.5L DM- i Hybrid system .

You can see from the declaration chart , BYD F5 It adopts a new design language , The two headlights are connected through a bright black trim panel , Whether it will be equipped with through LED The light band is not known yet , We can look forward to . in addition , The air intake grille with a sense of design stretches the visual width of the whole front face . The rear of the new car is simple , Mainly horizontal lines , It's very layered , The through taillights are not absent .

Body size , BYD F5 Length 、 wide 、 High respectively 4780/1837/1495mm, The wheelbase to 2718mm, In addition to the body length ratio PLUS DM-i Slightly more 15mm outside , The other three data are the same . motivation , BYD F5 Will carry with Qin PLUS DM-i same 1.5L DM-i Plug in hybrid system , Maximum power is 81kW(110 horsepower ), Peak torque 135Nm.

Edit comment on : Earlier this year, , BYD has adjusted its organizational structure , Set up four business divisions , They are the dynasty network sales division 、e Online sales division 、 Brand and Utilities 、 After sales service division . We expect , This BYD F5 Will be in e Sell online .


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