Ruiqi 6 urban 4WD models have been sold for 126800 times

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ruiqi urban 4wd wd models

[ The new car of aika is original ]

Zhengzhou Nissan Ruiqi 6 The city edition is in 2020 year 10 Official listing , There are three models , The official guide selling price range is 10.08-13.38 Ten thousand yuan .8 month 11 Japan , Aika Automobile Co., Ltd , Vernon 6 The urban 4WD model was officially launched . The new models include 5MT Gasoline powered 、6MT and 8AT Diesel power and other versions , The official guide selling price range is 12.68-15.68 Ten thousand yuan .

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Vernon 6 The appearance of the urban 4WD model is basically the same as that of the previous models , But fine tuned the details . Polygonal “ Big mouth ” It is made of piano black baking paint , The front fog lamp is also decorated with rectangular chrome plating , With the silver lower guard , Jean Ruiqi 6 The front face of the urban 4WD model has a stronger sense of hierarchy . The original geometric element color stickers are made of vehicle specification grade materials , Ensure long-term durability . configuration , Dual airbag 、 Tire pressure monitoring 、ABS、ESP System emergency braking warning function 、 Driving lock + Flameout unlock + Collision sensing automatic unlocking function 、 Body stability system, etc .

motivation , Vernon 6 Urban version with 2.4L Gasoline engine and 2.3T Diesel engine . among ,M9T 2.3T The diesel engine comes from the Renault Nissan Alliance , Maximum power is 120kW(162 horsepower ), Peak torque reached 380Nm, matching 6MT And the second generation of ZF in Germany 8AT Transmission drive system , The comprehensive fuel consumption is only 7.3L. The 4WD model launched this time is based on the original Ruiqi 6 Based on the urban version , Eaton mechanical automatic differential of rear axle is installed , The driving force can be optimized through tire torque distribution adjustment , Improve the ability to get rid of difficulties and strengthen the driving performance of the vehicle .

Edit comment on : Under the background that more and more cities across the country lift the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city , Vernon 6 The launch of urban 4WD models , The driving performance of the vehicle is further improved , For users who mainly use cars in urban areas , This car has no less than SUV Performance of , At the same time, it also has stronger bearing capacity , A wider range of applications .

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