SAIC Volkswagen's new Tiguan l will be officially launched on August 20

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saic volkswagen new tiguan officially

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

Born in 2010 Tiguan in , It is the first model of SAIC Volkswagen SUV. As the most popular joint venture brand in China SUV One of , Tiguan's cumulative sales so far have exceeded 240 ten thousand .2021 During the auto show in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao , New Tiguan L Formal appearance , Later in 8 month 3 Open pre-sale day . In recent days, , Aika Automobile Co., Ltd , The car will be in 8 month 20 Official listing .

New Tiguan L Your front face changes a lot , all-new IQ. Light whole LED Matrix headlights have a great sense of design , Air intake grille 、 The lower air inlet and the front bumper have also been redesigned , Looks more athletic . The body size of the new car is long 、 wide 、 High respectively 4735/1859/1677mm, The wheelbase to 2791mm. The rear part of the car changes little , Just adjusted for some details , Such as exhaust tailpipe 、 reflective stripe .

New Tiguan L The interior integrates the latest family design elements of Volkswagen , The overall style is very close to the new tuang , Move the central control touch screen up , The air outlet position of the air conditioner moves down , Make the whole console look more layered . Besides , The buttons on both sides of the steering wheel are changed to touch design , The air conditioning outlet in front of the co pilot has become a through design , All these enhance the sense of technology and future in the car .

motivation , New Tiguan L Continue to provide consumers with four driving forces , contain 1.4T The engine 、2.0T High and low power engine 、1.4T Plug in hybrid system . among ,2.0T The maximum power of high and low power engines is 137kW(186 horsepower ) and 161kW(220 horsepower ),1.4T The maximum power of the engine is 110kW(150 horsepower ).

Edit comment on : Tiguan has always been the sales pillar of SAIC Volkswagen , In the joint venture brand SUV So is the market “ Carry the handle ” Presence of levels . The change , View of path L The appearance of really makes people feel bright , A lot younger , The interior is also more acceptable than the previous dull style . Believe in the new Tiguan L Sales will not be bad after listing , Now it's time to wait for the price .

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