Take the first real shot of Ford EVOS and listen to the voice of the domestic market

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real shot ford evos listen

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If you pay attention to the changes of products of major automobile brands in the past two years , You will find a commonality , That is, the weight of Chinese consumers is getting heavier and heavier . With Ford's Sync Take the vehicle engine system as an example , Although it has been widely praised in overseas markets , But after it was introduced into China, it chose to cooperate with Baidu , Further optimize the system , And launched a localized version in line with the preferences of Chinese people ——Sync+ System , It can be seen that Ford brand attaches importance to the domestic market . And this time EVOS As Ford China 2.0 The first global strategic model under the plan , It has made great efforts in digitization and intelligence , Strive to bring the best car experience to the public . So for such a new car trying to win more customers in the domestic market , In what ways does it excel , Let's find out through real shooting .

Summary : ford EVOS Car running type SUV The appearance of the , It can satisfy young consumers' pursuit of individuality to a great extent , Dive attitude , Blackened rims and everywhere “ scale ” The design also highlights the strong motion properties of the vehicle .

ford EVOS: The design is avant-garde

Summary : We often say that domestic brands do better than joint venture brands in terms of vehicles and machines , But this time Ford EVOS The strength shown is really not to be underestimated , The new experience brought by its intelligent technology cockpit is worthy of a high praise .

ford EVOS: Intelligence has improved significantly

Edit comment on : in general , ford EVOS As a new model , The answer given is satisfactory . The appearance of the new car has many sports elements , It also adopts the sliding back modeling design loved by young people . The interior is even more amazing , Not only does it use the size of the Dalian screen design , At the same time, I have done my homework in digitization and intelligence , Provide users with a good car experience . As for the power and chassis of the vehicle , We haven't got accurate and comprehensive information yet , But trust Ford EVOS Performance in these two areas will not be disappointing . Judging from the news so far , The new car is expected to go on sale in the third quarter of this year , At that time, we will also bring you a more comprehensive interpretation .

ford EVOS: There's plenty of space

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