Fengguang new 580 power exposure is equipped with 1.5T engine + 6at

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fengguang new power exposure equipped

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

Last week, , Dongfeng Xiaokang has released new scenery 580 Official picture of .8 month 11 Japan , Agca has obtained the power information of the car again . Scenery NEW 580 It will be equipped with a new self-developed... Of Xiaokang power 1.5TGDI The engine , Miller combustion cycle technology is adopted , matching 6AT Automatic transmission . According to the plan , The car will be officially launched within this year .

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Scenery NEW 580 Equipped with this new 1.5TGDI The engine , Maximum power can be achieved 135kW、 Peak torque 300Nm Power take-off , The emission reaches the country 6b standard ,WLTC The fuel consumption is as low as 7L following . Adoption of new Miller cycle technology , It's one of the highlights of this engine . The birth of this technology solves the problem of large pump gas loss 、 A series of problems such as poor economy , With high efficiency 、 Low energy consumption and other advantages are in the Japanese system 、 Germany and many other international car companies have been widely used in global models .

aesthetic , Scenery NEW 580 The latest “ Oriental futuristic Aesthetics ” Design concept , The air intake grille does not use the traditional banner strip 、 Dot matrix design , Based on the shape of bird wings , Make the front face of the new car look more fashionable . This newly designed grille matches “ The skyline ” Through lamp set design , Make the front face design more layered . It is worth mentioning that , Scenery NEW 580 New “FENGON” Auto Logos .

On the side of the car , Scenery NEW 580 The body lines of are “ Penetrating Aesthetics ” Design concept of , The front of the waist line is connected with the headlamp group , Through the whole body , Connect to the rear tail lamp group , At the same time, there is a second waist line on the wheel eyebrow , Make the whole body more three-dimensional . In terms of body size , Scenery NEW 580 Length 、 wide 、 High respectively 4720/1865/1710mm, The wheelbase to 2785mm, The wheelbase is increased compared with the current car model 5mm.

Scenery NEW 580 The rear of the car also adopts a new design , The application is officially called “ The wild goose returns ” Through three-dimensional tail lamp group , At the same time, it is equipped with two-sided exhaust layout , Make the whole tail look more moving .

Edit comment on : scenery 580 It has always been the most popular model of Dongfeng scenery , Shoulder the important task of driving the overall sales growth of the brand . Now , Independent brand SUV The market competition is becoming more and more fierce , Especially in the compact market , Believe in new scenery 580 Good results can be achieved after listing .

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